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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXV, NO. 1 JANUARY 6, 1982 TWO GENERAL OUTLOOKS THE project of understanding has three m ... His best book is The Human Situation. The third is Huston Smith—happily still among us—a man of religion who ... for reasons that will become clear, we shall take Huston Smith as a guide. For this purpose we reduce the t ... s genetically determined." "This," exclaims Huston Smith, "is why we lay down our lives for our friends; our ... g the blow might prevent a much more painful fall. Huston Smith, at any rate, is reconciled to the need to s ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXVIII, NO. 42 OCTOBER 16, 1985 HOW WE THINK IN a paper called "Two Evolutions" which ap ... ssue of On Nature, published by Boston University, Huston Smith, author of The Religions of Man, says: Self- ... opulation has come to believe? The Darwinian myth, Huston Smith thinks, is poorly founded; it took hold of t ... Darwinian theory is supposed to exist. For Huston Smith, this practical release from the ape-origin theory ... world view, this is the atrophy of which I speak. Huston Smith would like to see a restoration of the metap ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 2 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... le" Lawrence in Oaxaca – Ross Parmenter (Peregrine Smith, 1984) XXXVIII:27-36 Reviewed in "Scientists on Sci ... XVIII:35 May 1964 articles by Whitney J. Oates and Huston Smith quoted in Frontiers, "Philosophy—the Imperat ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XVIII, NO. 28 JULY 14, 1965 "WHAT CAN WE (I) DO" SO much has been written on how to solve ... S Reprint July 14, 1965 5 REVIEW THE PHILOSOPHY OF HUSTON SMITH THE John Dewey Society lecture for 1964, one ... affirmative values in existentialist Humanism. But Huston Smith, professor of philosophy at M.I.T., is also ... more important than a demand for "rights." Lillian Smith, in her introduction to James Peck's Freedom Ride, ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXX, NO. 7 FEBRUARY 16, 1977 THE SELF AND ITS CIRCUMSTANCES WHAT is the world? Is it a st ... . Something similar could—and should—be said about Huston Smith's new book, Forgotten Truth (Harper & Row, 1 ... e, is a conclusion that seems fairly staked out by Huston Smith. No one, we think, is better equipped to giv ... t rafts on the psychic sea. What, according to Dr. Smith, is the real identity? MANAS Reprint February 16, 1 ... sort of "field" rather than by communication. Dr. Smith, one could say, is engaged in the restoration of th ... - [detail] - [similar]
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Index to MANAS on CD-ROM Volume 1 The MANAS Reprints Index to MANAS has been reproduced from a t ... rs, "Patterns of Sustainability"; also Sherrill B. Smith, Jr. (all from first issue) XXXVII:24 Quoted Vol. I ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXII, NO. 39 SEPTEMBER 26, 1979 THE PROBLEM IS SET WHAT is a university? Ideally it is a ... ollege Record (Columbia) for February of this year Huston Smith examines the consequences for education of t ... hat is not possible is to have it both ways. Prof. Smith, you could say, is pursuing historical psychoanalys ... s seems a very good account of the sort of science Huston Smith wants to come into being. What stands in the ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XIX, NO. 1 JANUARY 5, 1966 THE LONELY FREE THE stubborn resistance of individual ways of ... he unorganized spreading of Christian inspiration, Huston Smith, in his Religions of Man, gives an account o ... o the coercive force which the Empire represented. Huston Smith's reading of early Christian history, simple ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXXII, NO. 52 DECEMBER 26, 1979 "A GENERAL UNDERSTANDING" DOORS to the thinking that will ... he reader. At the back of this book is an essay by Huston Smith, who is a responsible writer. His last parag ... - [detail] - [similar]
Author: Manas Reprints
VOLUME XXIX, NO. 37 SEPTEMBER 15, 1976 EXTRA-TERRITORIAL PERSPECTIVE HUMAN beings are subjected ... have been scores, since, those by Joseph Campbell, Huston Smith, Frances Yates, Kathleen Raines, and Edwin B ... - [detail] - [similar]
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