Volume XIII 1960

No. 1 January 6

Lead Article: Is Anyone Really "Right"?
Letter From England
Review: War And "The Enemy"
Commentary: The Crisis Of The Individual
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: The Future Of Science

No. 2 January 13

Lead Article: Definition Of Crisis
Review: A Field Of Broken Stones
Commentary: The Need For Patience
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: A Gandhian Ideal

No. 3 January 20

Lead Article: World Without Measure
Review: Religion, Sin, And The Animals
Commentary: East And West
Children...And Ourselves: Individual Protests Against The
Frontiers: Human Mutuality And Communism

No. 4 January 27

Lead Article: Where Does Mankind Go From Here?
Review: Requirements Of The "Good Society"
Commentary: Animism, Not Pantheism
Children...And Ourselves: Dr. Bettelheim Is Not Alone
Frontiers: Radiation And Motivation

No. 5 February 3

Lead Article: An Ancient Quest
A Visit To Yugoslavia
Review: Fromm's Analysis Of Freud
Commentary: The World In Flux
Children...And Ourselves: What Every Youth Should
Frontiers: Satyagraha – And Background

No. 6 February 10

Lead Article: Denmark Through Bifocals
Review: "The Mountain Is Young"
Commentary: Labels And Definitions
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On Prejudice
Frontiers: The Editorial "Faith"?

No. 7 February 17

Lead Article: A Question Of Permission
Review: Nationalist "Emotional Illness"
Commentary: Some Clarification
Children...And Ourselves: Old Folks Not At Home
Frontiers: The Vanishing America

No. 8 February 24

Lead Article: Our Part-Time Freedom
Letter From India
Review: Light Reading To Some Point
Commentary: Making An Issue
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Death And Taxes

No. 9 March 2

Lead Article: What Is Man?
Review: Mythos And Ethos
Commentary: Morals And Philosophy
Children...And Ourselves: The Best On Delinquency
Frontiers: Time For What?

No. 10 March 9

Lead Article: The Whole Ocean Is Ours
Review: "A Theory Of Evolution"
Commentary: Notes On Responsibility
Children...And Ourselves: "If You Live With Little
Frontiers: The Truths We Know. . .

No. 11 March 16

Lead Article: Schizoid Man, Schizoid World
Letter From Italy
Review: Pharmaceutical Betrayal
Commentary: The Lore Of Asia
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Searching Questions

No. 12 March 23

Lead Article: The Religious Question
Letter From Moscow
Review: "The Masks Of God"
Commentary: Aren't There Any People?
Children...And Ourselves: "Goodbye To Mama"
Frontiers: Against Capital Punishment In California

No. 13 March 30

Lead Article: For A Thinkable Peace
Review: "The Truth About Psychoanalysis"
Commentary: A Doctor For The Nation?
Children...And Ourselves: Sports, Etc.
Frontiers: Garthnewydd Community House

No. 14 April 6

Lead Article: Questions For Planners
Review: "Compulsion"; "Suddenly Last Summer"
Commentary: Religion And Politics
Children...And Ourselves: Deliberate Delinquents
Frontiers: In Search Of The Ideas

No. 15 April 13

Lead Article: Parapsychology And Anthropology
Review: In Behalf Of Novelists
Commentary: The Tyranny Of "Public Opinion"
Children...And Ourselves: Notes
Frontiers: Farewell To Chessman?

No. 16 April 20

Lead Article: Political And Economic Delusions
Letter From England
Review: The Novel, And Education
Commentary: The New Humanism
Children...And Ourselves: Intuition And Creativity
Frontiers: Justice To Zen

No. 17 April 27

Lead Article: The Tormenting Questions
Letter From Italy
Review: Novels And The Movies
Commentary: Two Appeals
Children...And Ourselves: The Fourth R – Human
Frontiers: Governor Brown's Lost Cause

No. 18 May 4

Lead Article: Books For Study
Review: Blessed Infallibility
Commentary: The Ordeal Of The Present
Children...And Ourselves: What's Wrong With Authority?
Frontiers: Toward Freedom

No. 19 May 11

Lead Article: The Unfolding Consciousness
Review: "The War Lover"
Commentary: Soviet Exchange Students
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On The Quest For Identity
Frontiers: Letter From Moscow

No. 20 May 18

Lead Article: An Issue Of Social Science
Letter From Warsaw
Review: Of Plants And Men
Commentary: Our Enemies' Keepers?
Children...And Ourselves: "Tensions Our Children Live
Frontiers: The Work Of Man

No. 21 May 25

Lead Article: Non-Violent Resistance
Review: "The Religions Of Man"
Commentary: The California Press
Children...And Ourselves: Compulsory Education
Frontiers: The Death Of Caryl Chessman – Perspective

No. 22 June 1

Lead Article: Identity And Role
Review: Scientists And Science-Users
Commentary: "No Annihilation Without Representation"
Children...And Ourselves: Philosophy For The Young
Frontiers: ''Instead''

No. 23 June 8

Lead Article: "What Will People Do?"
Letter From Prague
Review: Toward A Scientific Metaphysics
Commentary: 'What Will God Do?"
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And The Individual
Frontiers: "Fighting Words"

No. 24 June 15

Lead Article: The Need For Direction
Letter From Belgrade
Review: "The Doctor And The Soul"
Commentary: The Freedom Of Slaves?
Children...And Ourselves: DO I HAVE TO PLAY?
Frontiers: What Does "Natural" Mean?

No. 25 June 22

Lead Article: Changing Symbols Of Fulfillment
Review: "Face Of My Assassin"
Commentary: Failing Institutions
Children...And Ourselves: Youth And A Hopeful Future
Frontiers: "The Poisons In Your Food"

No. 26 June 29

Lead Article: The Causes Of Alienation
Review: The Arts In Our Time
Commentary: A New Religion?
Children...And Ourselves: Success Without Learning
Frontiers: East-West Philosopher's Conference

No. 27 July 6

Lead Article: The Little Foxes
Letter From Romania
Review: Nevil Shute – Concluding Chapters
Commentary: For An Examined Philosophy
Children...And Ourselves: Heredity, Environment, And The
"Soul": I
Frontiers: "She's Making History"

No. 28 July 13

Lead Article: Invitation To Utopia
Letter From Bulgaria
Review: Two Kinds Of Religion
Commentary: On Becoming Human
Children...And Ourselves: Heredity, Environment, And The
"Soul": II
Frontiers: The Unpreparedness Of Our Time

No. 29 July 20

Lead Article: Man The Generalizer
Review: Novels On The Last War
Commentary: Something Good Happening
Children...And Ourselves: Heredity, Environment And The
"Soul": III
Frontiers: War Is The Enemy

No. 30 July 27

Lead Article: A Plain Man's Guide To Religion
Letter From Israel
Review: Issa's Most Accomplished Year
Commentary: Rexroth On Youth
Children...And Ourselves: "Identity" – And The Stand For
Frontiers: Aftermath On Chessman

No. 31 August 3

Lead Article: What To Do...
Letter From Japan
Review: "Epitaph For An Enemy"
Commentary: The Mass Media
Children...And Ourselves: Youth "Apathy" – And Some
Frontiers: The Cuban Revolution

No. 32 August 10

Lead Article: The Trouble With Genius
Letter From England
Review: "Before And After Socrates"
Commentary: Who Will Break The Rules?
Children...And Ourselves: "Living Close To Nature"
Frontiers: The Meeting Of Extremes

No. 33 August 17

Lead Article: The Problem Of Blame
Review: How Complicated We Are
Commentary: A Time Of Waiting
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: A Plain Man's Guide To Literature

No. 34 August 24

Lead Article: The People Choose
Review: Those Fortunate Southern Negroes
Commentary: A Parable
Children...And Ourselves: "Society" Vs. Youth
Frontiers: The Living And The Dead

No. 35 August 31

Lead Article: Another Kind Of Evolution
Review: Notes On Parapsychology
Commentary: Not Optimism, Not Pessimism
Children...And Ourselves: "Role-Playing" – Russia And
Frontiers: Chessman On Religion

No. 36 September 7

Lead Article: Things Said And Done
Review: "The Captive Mind"
Commentary: The Cycle Of Alienation
Children...And Ourselves: "Friendship Day Camp"
Frontiers: Notes On Censorship

No. 37 September 14

Lead Article: The Issues In Education
Review: Two Kinds Of "Futurity"
Commentary: The Synanon "Family"
Children...And Ourselves: Education About War
Frontiers: Ex-Addicts, Incorporated

No. 38 September 21

Lead Article: The Big Question
Letter From Geneva
Review: Keeping Up With M. Mayer
Commentary: A Critical Letter
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On Reading
Frontiers: "The Group For A Living Peace"

No. 39 September 28

Lead Article: The Longing For Destiny
Review: Cultural Analysis Via Paperbacks
Commentary: High, Mighty, And Casual
Children...And Ourselves: Islands Of Educational
Frontiers: A Look At Mental Illness

No. 40 October 5

Lead Article: The Pressure Of Circumstances
Review: The Passing Of Political Optimism
Commentary: The "Crude Facts"
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: Baptizing The Bomb

No. 41 October 12

Lead Article: The Human Frame Of Reference
Review: The Quality Of Life
Commentary: The Great Minority
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: "Breaking The Thought Barrier"

No. 42 October 19

Lead Article: The Compulsion Of The Times
Review: "The Objective Society"
Commentary: A Dangerous Centrifugal Force
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: "War Is An Outmoded Idea"

No. 43 October 26

Lead Article: Who Helps The World?
Review: Men Of Southern Moment
Commentary: Concerning "Systematic" Thinking
Children...And Ourselves: Notes
Frontiers: Revolution In The Arts

No. 44 November 2

Lead Article: The Promise Of Autonomous Man
Review: Notes On Depressing Novels
Commentary: "Protracted Conflict"
Children...And Ourselves: Counsel For Old . . . And Young
Frontiers: Why Did It Happen This Way?

No. 45 November 9

Lead Article: The Genius Of Human Beings
Review: A Little Leavening
Commentary: Sources Of Wholeness
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: Psychopathology And National Defense

No. 46 November 16

Lead Article: The Lost Word Is Not The Last Word
Review: Ortega's Philosophic Prophecy
Commentary: The Bonds Of Power
Children...And Ourselves: Nonentities And Trouble
Frontiers: The Motors Must Idle

No. 47 November 23

Lead Article: Self-Deception's Strange Fruit
Review: A Testimonial For Unity
Commentary: What Is Demonstrable?
Children...And Ourselves: Contributions From Readers
Frontiers: Critical Notes On Religion

No. 48 November 30

Lead Article: Justice To Marx?
Review: Two Empty Shrines
Commentary: The One Political Virtue
Children...And Ourselves: My Big Girl
Frontiers: "The Peace Game"

No. 49 December 7

Lead Article: Radicals And Doctors
Review: Mysticism Revisited
Commentary: Triune Man
Children...And Ourselves: "Challenge To Complacency"
Frontiers: What Is The Project?

No. 50 December 14

Lead Article: Why We Believe
Review: The Cult Of Legal Murder
Commentary: Some Open Questions
Children...And Ourselves: Liberal Experiments In
Frontiers: The Unity In All Things

No. 51 December 21

Lead Article: Who Will Start Doing Better?
Letter From England
Review: The Meaning Of Russian History
Commentary: The Roots Of Faith
Children...And Ourselves: Notes
Frontiers: Notes On Scientists On Religion

No. 52 December 27

Lead Article: Federal Prison In The Fifties
Review: Time Is A Many Rendered Thing
Commentary: The Unprivileged Society
Children...And Ourselves: More "Questions On War"
Frontiers: Hawaiian Lessons In Democracy