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MANAS Journal Volumes

Volume I, 1948
Volume II, 1949
Volume III, 1950
Volume IV, 1951
Volume V, 1952
Volume VI, 1953
Volume VII, 1954
Volume VIII, 1955
Volume IX, 1956
Volume X, 1957
Volume XI, 1958
Volume XII, 1959
Volume XIII, 1960
Volume XIV, 1961
Volume XV, 1962
Volume XVI, 1963
Volume XVII, 1964
Volume XVIII, 1965
Volume XIX, 1966
Volume XX, 1967
Volume XXI, 1968
Volume XXII, 1969
Volume XXIII, 1970
Volume XXIV, 1971
Volume XXV, 1972
Volume XXVI, 1973
Volume XXVII, 1974
Volume XXVIII, 1975
Volume XXIX, 1976
Volume XXX, 1977
Volume XXXI, 1978
Volume XXXII, 1979
Volume XXXIII, 1980
Volume XXXIV, 1981
Volume XXXV, 1982
Volume XXXVI, 1983
Volume XXXVII, 1984
Volume XXXVIII, 1985
Volume XXXIX, 1986
Volume XL, 1987
Volume XLI, 1988