Volume XVI 1963

No. 1 January 2

Lead Article: The Humanist Case
Review: James Jones' Combat Novel
Commentary: The Paradox Of Ends
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Socrates Rides Again

No. 2 January 9

Lead Article: The Religion Of Man
Review: Get Your Personality Ready
Commentary: The Fear Of Peace
Children...And Ourselves: International Youth Festival
Frontiers: Strange Currents

No. 3 January 16

Lead Article: Across National Barriers
Review: Another Douglas Travelogue
Commentary: The Expanding Peace Movement
Children...And Ourselves: Carl Ewald For Your Library
Frontiers: Twentieth-Century Mysticism

No. 4 January 23

Lead Article: Anti-Human Powers That Be
Review: A Pocket "William James"
Commentary: Who Is Responsible?
Children...And Ourselves: Letters And Comment
Frontiers: "The Spectrum Of Confusion"

No. 5 January 30

Lead Article: What Price For Peace?
Review: In The James Tradition
Commentary: The Meaning Of The World Crisis
Children...And Ourselves: Tears Wtthout Laughter
Frontiers: Out Of Many Lives, Many Minds

No. 6 February 6

Lead Article: The Right To Be Wise
Review: The Failure Of Western Socialism
Commentary: The Question Of Socialism
Children...And Ourselves: The Students Right To Read
Frontiers: "Label And Libel"

No. 7 February 13

Lead Article: An Essential Of Religion
Review: The Power Of Speech
Commentary: Toward Self-Knowledge
Children...And Ourselves: A Poet's Vision On Education
Frontiers: Toward "Emancipation"

No. 8 February 20

Lead Article: Correspondence
Review: "The Hidden Remnant"
Commentary: Against The Grain
Children...And Ourselves: Towards A School For Mankind
Frontiers: Some Unanswered Charges

No. 9 February 27

Lead Article: Problems Of The Free Soul
Review: Tardy Honor For A Prophet
Commentary: Text For Friction-Makers
Children...And Ourselves: On Being Alone
Frontiers: New Crimes And New Solutions

No. 10 March 6

Lead Article: The Health In Us
Review: "Accidental" Obliteration
Commentary: The Way The World Will Get Better
Children...And Ourselves: Discussions With Dr. Bettelheim
Frontiers: A Letter On The "Classics"

No. 11 March 13

Lead Article: Moral Man And Amoral Society
Review: "Westerns" And Violence
Commentary: A Question Of Rationality
Children...And Ourselves: Spiritual Resources
Frontiers: The Question Of Socialism – Again

No. 12 March 20

Lead Article: A Vision For India
Review: "Not Guilty"
Commentary: The Historical Initiative
Children...And Ourselves: Of Time, Death, And New Life
Frontiers: The New Psychology

No. 13 March 27

Lead Article: The Devil And Soviet Russia
Letter From India
Review: War And "Delinquency"
Commentary: A Difficult Question
Children...And Ourselves: Philosophy And Learning
Frontiers: The Search For Meaning

No. 14 April 3

Lead Article: Contemporary Issues
Review: "Free Expression" By Justice Douglas
Commentary: A New Folkway
Children...And Ourselves: Children And The Myths Of
Frontiers: Peace Walk – India To China

No. 15 April 10

Lead Article: On Being Human
Review: Intellectualizing War
Commentary: The Fellowship Of Reconciliation
Children...And Ourselves: Speak To Us Of Religion
Frontiers: The Complete Personality

No. 16 April 17

Lead Article: Science With Human Ends
Review: Peace Spectrum
Commentary: Profiles Of Certainty
Children...And Ourselves: Competition And Learning
Frontiers: Behavioral Science

No. 17 April 24

Lead Article: The Service Of Man
Review: On Nature: No Humble Tract
Commentary: Freedom Of Mind
Children...And Ourselves: Creative Youngsters
Frontiers: The End Of "War Morale"

No. 18 May 1

Lead Article: The Emptiness At The Center
Review: Notes On "Self-Realization"
Commentary: Religion For Heroes
Children...And Ourselves: On The Mystique Of Childhood
And Genius
Frontiers: Some Ground To Stand On

No. 19 May 8

Lead Article: The Principle Of Human Survival
Review: Philosophical Books
Commentary: Civil Health
Children...And Ourselves: Education In Religion
Frontiers: The Psychology Of The Death Penalty

No. 20 May 15

Lead Article: The Lost And The Free
Review: Dialogues On War
Commentary: Out Of Control
Children...And Ourselves: Beyond Agnosticism –
Frontiers: Communication Of Social Ethics

No. 21 May 22

Lead Article: Tides Of Questioning
Review: A Platonist On Christ
Commentary: Some Good Generalizations
Children...And Ourselves: Buddha's Dhammapada
Frontiers: The Lonely Revolution

No. 22 May 29

Lead Article: Politics And The Moral Emotions
Review: A Long Way To Go
Commentary: Captives Of "War Morality"?
Children...And Ourselves: Introduction To Taoism
Frontiers: Psychotherapy: Is It Becoming Something Else?

No. 23 June 5

Lead Article: The Tyranny Of Equality
Review: The Versatile Dwight Macdonald
Commentary: In Behalf Of Excellence
Children...And Ourselves: The Bhagavad-Gita
Frontiers: Problems Of Peace-Making

No. 24 June 12

Lead Article: Aspects Of Peace-Making
Review: The Egg That Was Really A River
Commentary: One Thing Leads To Another
Children...And Ourselves: The Christian Bible
Frontiers: "Ways Of Being"

No. 25 June 19

Lead Article: The Direction Of Western Society
Review: "The Art Spirit"
Commentary: Twentieth-Century Dilemma
Children...And Ourselves: Correspondence
Frontiers: The Invisible Term

No. 26 June 26

Lead Article: The Focus Of Hope
Review: Not The Last Of C. G. Jung
Commentary: Closer To Home
Children...And Ourselves: Quotes And Notes
Frontiers: In And Out Of History

No. 27 July 3

Lead Article: Crisis And Response
Review: "Encounters With Art"
Commentary: Toward Balanced Ends
Children...And Ourselves: Corporal Punishment
Frontiers: "The Present Paradox Of Ethics"

No. 28 July 10

Lead Article: Psychological Trends
Review: "Psychotherapy East And West"
Commentary: "Anatomy" Of The Self
Children...And Ourselves: Notes And Quotes
Frontiers: The State Of The Nation

No. 29 July 17

Lead Article: The Long Way Home
Review: "Reconstruction In Religion"
Commentary: For A "That"
Children...And Ourselves: Beyond The Reach Of War
Frontiers: Nonconformist Musings

No. 30 July 24

Lead Article: How Long . . . How Long . . .?
Review: "The Bedford Incident"
Commentary: The Logic Of Damnation
Children...And Ourselves: Franconia College
Frontiers: "Shouts – Then 'Sit Down"'

No. 31 July 31

Lead Article: Toward Unconditioned Man
Review: A Study Of Money
Commentary: A Kind Of Human Being
Children...And Ourselves: Education Through Initiation
Frontiers: Crash Therapy, LSD, And Chemical Mysticism

No. 32 August 7

Lead Article: New Perspectives In Psychology
Review: It's Hard To Be Private
Commentary: Mirror-Image
Children...And Ourselves: Notes From The Radicals
Frontiers: To See, Or Not To See?

No. 33 August 14

Lead Article: The Strenuous Life
Review: "Honest To God"
Commentary: Miller's Morals
Children...And Ourselves: Experiments In Educational
Frontiers: A Letter On "Aristocracy"

No. 34 August 21

Lead Article: Economic Growth And Human Well-Being
Review: Common Sense And Psychotherapy
Commentary: The New Spirit
Children...And Ourselves: Corporal Punishment – Some
Frontiers: A Question About "Compromise"

No. 35 August 28

Lead Article: Problems Of The Intentional Community
Review: "Togetherness" Versus Depth In Religion
Commentary: For Change In Depth
Children...And Ourselves: Why The College Is Failing
Frontiers: Reflections On Nonviolence

No. 36 September 4

Lead Article: Problems Of Reconciliation
Review: The Philosophy Of Martin Luther King
Commentary: A Free Life
Children...And Ourselves: A Rare Children S Book
Frontiers: Letter From A Friend (II)

No. 37 September 11

Lead Article: Are We All Hibakusha?
Review: "Man's Search For Meaning"
Commentary: Polaris Action Community
Children...And Ourselves: Education And The Career
Frontiers: Therapy For A Sick Civilization

No. 38 September 18

Lead Article: Notes On War And Peace
Review: The Indian Within Us
Commentary: Pacifist Tour De Force?
Children...And Ourselves: Woman's Search For Identity
Frontiers: Philosophy And Progress

No. 39 September 25

Lead Article: "The Self In Transformation"
Review: Libraries Of Vision
Commentary: Saviors Of The South
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: The Side-Takers

No. 40 October 2

Lead Article: On Human Understanding
Review: Trends In Humanism
Commentary: "Well-Meaning" Preparations For 1984
Children...And Ourselves: Dehumanization Of The Young
Frontiers: Logotherapy – A Christian View

No. 41 October 9

Lead Article: Rationalism – Then And Now
Review: Whosoever Shall Lose His Life
Commentary: The Art Of The Philosopher
Children...And Ourselves: Walden Two Revisited
Frontiers: Synanon – The Continued Story

No. 42 October 16

Lead Article: The Uses Of Crises
Review: Lampooning Academic Psychology
Commentary: The Capacity To See
Children...And Ourselves: Counsel From A College
Frontiers: Undiscovered Country

No. 43 October 23

Lead Article: Indian Dilemma
Review: The Designers Of Space
Commentary: Exit The State?
Children...And Ourselves: Definitions
Frontiers: Psycho-Religious "Engineering"

No. 44 October 30

Lead Article: The New "Realities"
Review: Critics Of Science
Commentary: A Neglected Laboratory
Children...And Ourselves: Man, Morals, And Education
Frontiers: No Casual Encounter

No. 45 November 6

Lead Article: What Is Truth?
Review: Integrity Of Mind
Commentary: "Men And Nations"
Children...And Ourselves: World College In Gestation
Frontiers: The Self And Society

No. 46 November 13

Lead Article: The Issue Of "Identity"
Review: The Fire Of Mr. Baldwin
Commentary: "Week-End Pantheism"?
Children...And Ourselves: Psychology In The Schools
Frontiers: Alienation Through Culture

No. 47 November 20

Lead Article: The Best Of Human Life
Review: In The Service Of Man
Commentary: The Call Of The Wild
Children...And Ourselves: More On The Feminine
Frontiers: "Realms Beyond The Senses"

No. 48 November 27

Lead Article: Private And Public Thinking
Review: A Psycho-Philosophical Diary
Commentary: The Meaning Of "Scientific Humanism"
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Human Welfare: Two Communications

No. 49 December 4

Lead Article: Existential Crisis And The Unconscious
Review: "Flatland" Revisited
Commentary: A Higher Ground
Children...And Ourselves: Men And Women – Continued
Frontiers: Aspects Of The Human Situation

No. 50 December 11

Lead Article: Problems Of The Proprietors
Review: A "Best Seller" You May Read
Commentary: A Bitter, Brutal Vision
Children...And Ourselves: Perspectives On The Family
Frontiers: Art And Anthropology

No. 51 December 18

Lead Article: Concerning Dialogues
Review: "Women And Sometimes Men"
Commentary: Communal Democracy
Children...And Ourselves: Religion – And The Teaching Of
Frontiers: Old Wine, New Bottles

No. 52 December 25

Lead Article: Synanon: On The Side Of Life
Review: An Athenian View Of Education
Commentary: The Dominion Of The Irrational
Children...And Ourselves: Death As A Teacher
Frontiers: Toward A Free Press