A Selected MANAS Bibliography

The following list was compiled by the staff of MANAS and includes the authors, books and periodicals most often quoted and reviewed during the 41 years of publication. These readings represent the spirit of MANAS—independent inquiry and the search for principles which support intelligent idealism.

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Abbey, Edward
The Brave Cowboy, Desert Solitaire

Abrams, Charles
The City Is the Frontier

Alexander, Horace
Consider India, Gandhi Through Western Eyes

Alleg, Henri
The Question

Anderson, Edgar
Plants, Man and Life

Angell, Norman
The Great Illusion, Peace and the Plain Man

Arendt, Hannah
Origins of Totalitarianism, Between Past and
Future, On Revolution, The Human Condition, Life
of the Mind, Men in Dark Times, Hannah Arendt:
For Love of the World, Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

Arnold, Edwin
The Light of Asia

Bachelar, Gaston
Poetics of Space, Poetics of Reverie, Right to

Baker, Richard St. Barbe
Green Glory, My Life, My Trees; Dance of Trees

Baldwin, James
The Fire Next Time, Notes of a Native Son, Nobody
Knows My Name

Barfield, Owen
Poetic Diction, What Coleridge Thought, Saving
the Appearances

Barnet, Richard
Global Reach, The Lean Years

Barr, Stringfellow
The Pilgrimage of Western Man, Three Worlds of

Barrett, William
Irrational Man, Ego and Instinct, The Illusion of

Barzun, Jacques
Teacher in America, A Stroll with William James

Bateson, Gregory
Steps to an Ecology of Mind, Mind and Nature

Becker, Carl
The Heavenly City of the 18th Century
Philosophers, Everyman His Own Historian

Bellamy, Edward
Looking Backward, The Religion of Solidarity

Berg, Peter
Figures of Regulation, Articles in Raise the Stakes

Bergson, Henri
The Creative Mind

Berlin, Isaiah
The Hedgehog and the Fox, Concepts and
Categories, Against the Current

Berry, Wendell
Long-legged House, Hidden Wound, Unforeseen
Wilderness, A Continuous Harmony, Unsettling of
America, Standing by Words, Recollected Essays,
Home Economics, Remembering the Gift of Good
Land, Wild Birds

Beston, Henry
The Outermost House, Herbs and the Earth

Bettleheim, Bruno
The Informed Heart, Love Is Not Enough, The Uses
of Enchantment, Freud and Man's Soul
Bhagavad-Gita, The

Bhave, Shri Vinoba
Thoughts on Education

Bieler, Henry
Food Is Your Best Medicine

Bishop, Claire H.
All Things Common

Blake, William
Blake's Humanism, John Beer; Blake's Fourfold
Vision, Harold Goddard; His Philosophy and
Symbols, Foster Damon; The Politics of Vision,
Mark Schorer; Blake and Tradition, Kathleen Raine

Blavatsky, H. P.
Isis Unveiled, The Key to Theosophy

Bohm, David
Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Bookchin, Murray
The Limits of the City, Toward an Ecological
Society, The Modern Crisis

Borgese, Elizabeth M.
The Future of the Oceans

Borsodi, Ralph
Flight From the City, This Ugly Civilization

Bourne, Randolph
War and the Intellectuals, C. Resak, ed.

Brett, Guy
Through Our Own Eyes

Bronk, William
Vectors and Smoothable Curves

Brower, Kenneth
The Starship and the Canoe

Brown, Lester
Building a Sustainable Society, articles Worldwatch

Brown, W. Norman
Man in the Universe

Bryson, Lyman
The Next America

Buber, Martin
Between Man and Man, Ecstatic Confessions,
Paths in Utopia

Buchanan, Scott
Poetry and Mathematics, So Reason Can Rule

Buckle, H. R.
History of Civilization

Burroughs, John
Pepacton, Gospel of Nature, Wake-Robin

Burrow, Trigant
The Social Basis of Consciousness, Preconscious
Foundations of Human Experience, The Neurosis
of Man and Toward Social Sanity

Burtt, E. A.
Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical
Science, Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha

Byrd, Admiral Richard

Campbell, Joseph
The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Masks of God,
Occidental Mythology, Oriental Mythology, Myths
to Live By, The Power of Myths (interview with Bill

Camus, Albert
The Myth of Sisyphus, Resistance, Rebellion and
Death, Neither Victims nor Executioners, Camus
and the Men of the Stone, Robt. Proix, ed.; Albert
Camus,Herbert Lottmen; American Journal, Roger
Quilliot, ed.

Carson, Rachel
Silent Spring, The Sense of Wonder

Cass, Joan
Helping Children Grow Through Play

Cassirer, Ernst
An Essay on Man, Philosophy of the Enlightenment

Chaitanya, Krishna
Freedom Series: Physics and Chemistry of
Freedom, Biology of, Sociology of, Freedom and
Transcendance, The Mahabharata:A Literary

Chargaff, Erwin
Voices in the Labyrinth, Heraclitean Fire:
Life Before Nature Chipko Movement, The, Anupam Misha

Chomsky, Noam
American Power and the New Mandarins.
Language and Responsibility, 1984 and After, Race
to Destruction

Cobbett, William
Cobbett's Country Book

Cohen, Chapman
Materialism Restated

Cohen, Morris R.
Reason and Nature, Logic and the Scientific

Coles, Robert
Children in Crisis, A Spectacle Unto the World,
Simone Weil:a Modern Pilgrimage

Commoner, Barry
The Poverty of Power, Science and Survival, The
Politics of Energy

Coomaraswamy, Ananda
The Bugbear of Literacy, Myths and Legends of
Hindus and Buddhists

Cooney, Robert, co-author
The Power of the People

Cousins, Norman
The Republic of Reason:Personal Philosophies of
the Founding Fathers, articles in Sat. Review

Cranston, Sylvia, co-ed.
Reincarnation: Phoenix Fire Mystery,
Reincarnation: New Horizons in Science, Religions
and Society

Cushman, Robert E.
Therapeia: Plato's Conception of Philosophy

Danilo, Dolci
A New World in the Making, Sicilian Lives, Fire
Under the Ashes, James McNeish

Deloria, Vine
Custer Died For Your Sins, The Metaphysics of
Modern Existence

Dennison, George
The Lives of Children

Dewey, John
Human Nature and Conduct, Quest For Certainty,
Freedom and Culture
Dhammapada, Irving Babbitt, trsl.

Dickinson, G. Lowes
Appearances, McTaggart

Dillard, Annie
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Dixon, MacNeile
The Human Situation, Hellas Revisited

The Brothers Karamazov, Notes From
Underground, The Years of Ordeal, Joseph Frank

Dubos, René
Beast or Angel? Celebrations of Life

Dyson, Freeman
Weapons and Hope

Einstein, Albert
Out of My Later Years. An Intimate Study, D.
Marionoff; Einstein and the Poet, Einstein as
Teacher, William Hermanns

Eiseley, Loren E.
Mind as Nature, Immense Journey, Night Country,
The Lost Notebooks of Eiseley, Kenneth Huer, ed.

Emerson, Ralph Waldo
The Essays of Emerson In His Journals, Joel Porte;
Waldo Emerson, Gay W. Allen

Engler, Robert
The Brotherhood of Oil

Epstein, Joseph, ed.
Masters: Portraits of Great Teachers

Erickson, Eric
Insight and Responsibility, Young Man Luther,
Gandhi's Truth

Fingarette, Herbert
The Self in Transformation, Confucius:the Secular
as Sacred, Heavy Drinking:the Myth of
Alcoholism as a Disease

Fix, William R.
The Bone Peddlars, Pyramid Odyssey

Franck, Frederick
Days With Albert Schweitzer, My Eye Is in Love,
Zen of Seeing, Art as a Way, African Sketchbook,
The Supreme Koan, Echoes From a Bottomless

Frank, Dr. Jerome
Persuasion and Healing

Frankl, Dr. Viktor
From Death-Camp to Existentialism, Man's Search
For Meaning, Will to Meaning, Unheard Cry for
Meaning, Unconscious God

Freidenberg, Edgar Z.
The Vanishing Adolescent

Fromm, Erich
Psychoanalysis and Religion, Forgotten Language,
Escape From Freedom, Heart of Man, Sane
Society, Art of Loving, Beyond the Chains of
Illusion, Let Man Prevail

Frye, Northrop
The Modern Century, The Stubborn Structure

Fukuoka, Masahobu
The One-Straw Revolution
Fundamental Testaments of the American Revolution,
Lib. of Congress

Gandhi, Mohandas K.
Young India, The India of My Dreams, Harijan,
Hind Swaraj, Selections from Gandhi, The
Collected Works. Gandhi Through Western Eyes,
H. Alexander;Story of M. Gandhi, K.S. Acharlu;
Gandhi's Truth, Eric Erickson; The Moral and
Political Thought of, Ragavan Iyer; The Mind of,
Prabhu and Rao, eds. The Spirit's Pilgrimage,
Mirabehn; Gandhi Today, Mark Shephard; Gandhi
and the Good Life, Suman Khanna; A Memoir,Wm.
L. Shirer; M.G.:the Discovery of Satyagraha, Pyarelal

Giono, Jean
The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness,
Joy of Man's Desiring

Glasser, William
Reality Therapy, Schools Without Failure, The
Identity Society, Control Theory in the Classroom

Goddard, Harold
Blake's Fourfold Vision, The Meaning of
Shakespeare, Studies in New England

Goldman, Emma
Living My Life, Rebel in Paradise, Richard Drinnon

Goldsmith, Edward
The Stable Society, articles Ecologist, Resurgence

Goodman, Paul
Growing Up Absurd, Utopian Essays, Seeds of
Liberation, The New Reformation, Drawing the
Life, Nature Heals

Goodwin, Richard
The American Condition

Gray, J. Glenn
On Understanding Violence Philosophically, The
Warriors:Reflections of Men in Battle

Gregg, Richard B.
The Power of Nonviolence

Griflin, David Ray, ed.
The Reenchantment of Science

Gross, Ronald and Beatrice
Radical School Reform, Invitation to Lifelong
Learning, High School

Grossman, Richard
Fear at Work, The Other Medicines

Hall, Fielding
The Soul of a People

Halle, Louis J.
Men and Nations, Search for an Eternal Norm,
Ideological Imagination

Hamilton, Edith
The Greek Way, Mythology

Hampden-Turner, Charles
Radical Man, Sane Asylum, Maps of the Mind

Harman, Willis
Higher Creativity, Global Mind Change

Hart, Liddell
Why Don't We Learn From History?

Havelock, Eric
Preface to Plato, Prometheus Bound (trsl. and

Hawken, Paul
The Next Economy

Hearn, Lafcadio
Gleanings in Buddha Fields, Talks to Writers, In
Ghostly Japan, History of English Literature.
Lafcadio Hearn, Vera McWilliams; The Buddhist
Writings of Lafcadio Hearn, Kenneth Rexroth, ed.

Heilbronner, Robert
The Future As History, An Inquiry Into the Human

Henderson, Hazel.
Creating Alternative Futures, Politics of the Solar

Hertz, Richard
Man on a Rock

Hewett, Edgar L.
Ancient Life in the American Southwest

Holmes, Edmond
The Creed of Buddha, What Is and What Might Be

Holmes, John Haynes
The Affirmation of Immortality

Holt, John
How Children Fail, How Children Learn, Escape
From Childhood, Teach Your Own, Never Too
Late, articles in Growing Without Schooling

Hubbard, Harlan
Payne Hollow, Shantytown, Journals

Hutchins, Robert M.
Higher Learning in America, University of Utopia,
Conflict in Education

Huxley, Julian
Man Stands Alone, Evolution in Action

Huxley, Thomas H.
Evolution and Ethics, Essays on Some
Controverted Questions

Illich, Ivan
De-Schooling Society, Medical Nemesis, Energy
and Equity, Tools For Conviviality, Shadow Work

Jackson, Wes
New Roots for Agriculture, From Swords Into
Plowshares, Meeting the Expectations of the Land,
Altars of Unhewn Stone, articles in Land Report

Jacobs, Jane
The Death and Life of Great American Cities,
Cities and the Wealth of Nations

Jaeger, Werner
Paideia, Aristotle

James, William
Principles of Psychology, Psychology: A Briefer
Course, On Some of Life's Ideals. A Stroll with
William James, Jacques Barzun

Jaynes, Julian
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of
the Bicameral Mind.

Jeavons, John
How to Grow More Vegetables

Johnson, Warren
The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

Jones, Frederick W.
Hallmarks of Mankind

Jones, Roger S.
Physics as Metaphor

Jung, Carl
Modern Man in Search of a Soul, Undiscovered

Kahler, Erich
The Meaning of History, The Disintegration of
Form in the Arts, essay in Out of the Labyrinth

Kaplan, Abraham
The New World Philosophy

Khalili, Nader
Racing Alone, Ceramic Houses

Kohl, Herbert
The Age of Complexity, 36 Children, Half the
House, A Book of Puzzlements, On Teaching

Kohlberg, Lawrence
The Philosophy of Moral Development

Kohr, Leopold
The City of Man, Overdeveloped Nations,
Development Without Aid, Breakdown of Nations

Kozol, Jonathan
Death at an Early Age, Prisoners of Silence, On
Being a Teacher, Illiterate America

Kropotkin, Peter
Fields, Factories, and Workshops, Mutual Aid, The
Anarchist Prince, George Woodcock

Krutch, Joseph Wood
Great Chain of Life, Measure of Man, Desert Year,
If You Don't Mind My Saying So, Human Nature
and the Human Condition, Modern Temper, More
Lives Than One

Kuhn, Thomas S.
The Structure of Scientific Revolution

Lamettrie, Julian
Man a Machine

Lange, Frederick
History of Materialism

Lao Tze
The Tao Te Ching, Taoism:The Parting of the Way,
Holmes Welch

Lappe, Frances Moore
Food First, Exploding the Hunger Myth, What Can
We Do? Betraying the National Interest

Larson, Jeanne, co-ed.
Seeds of Peace

Lasch, Christopher
The Culture of Narcissism

Laski, Harold
The Dangers of Disobedience, American

Lecky, W.E.H.
History of European Morals, History of Spirit of
Rationalism in Europe

Leopold, Aldo
A Sand County Almanac, Round River. Companion
of Sand County Almanac, J. Baird Callicott, ed. The
Man and His Legacy, Thomas Tanner, ed.

Levi, Carlo
Of Fear and Freedom

Llewellyn, Richard
Man in a Mirror

Lewis, C. S.
Studies in Words

Lovelock, James
Gaia, A New Look at Life on Earth

Lovins, Amory and Hunter
Nonnuclear Futures, Soft Energy Paths, Brittle

Lund, David
Death and Consciousness

Macdonald, Dwight
Against the American Grain, The Root Is Man

McDougall, William
Riddle of Life, Modern Materialism and Emergent

McGlashan, Alan
The Savage and Beautiful Country, Gravity and

McHale, John
The Future of the Future, Ecological Context,
World Facts and Trends, Basic Needs: A
Framework for Action

McTaggart, John
Some Dogmas of Religion, The Nature of Existence,
McTaggart, G. Lowes Dickinson

McWilliams, Carey
Ambrose Bierce, Factories in the Fields, A Mask
for Privilege, Education of Carey McWilliams

Marcuse, Herbert
One-Dimensional Man

Marsh, George P.
Man and Nature. The World of Geo. P. Marsh,
Curtis, Curtis and Lieberman, eds.

Marston, Edwin
The Dynamic Environment

Martin, Everett D.
Farewell to Revolution

Marx, Leo
The Machine in the Garden

Maslow, Abraham H.
Toward a Psychology of Being, Religions, Values,
and Peak-Experiences, New Knowledge in Human
Values, Eupsychian Management, Farther Reaches
of Human Nature, Psychology of Science, Journals
of. A.H. Maslow, an Intellectual Portrait, Richard
Lowry; The Right to Be Human, Edward Hoffman

Mayer, Milton
What Can a Man Do? If Men Were Angels

Megroz, R.L.
The Dream World

Miles, Rufus E., Jr.
Awakening from the American Dream

Miller, Henry
The Colossus of Maroussi, Stand Still Like the
Hummingbird, Wisdom of the Heart, To Paint Is to
Love Again, World of Lawrence

Miller, Jeanine
The Vision of Cosmic Order in the Vedas

Milosz, Czeslaw
The Captive Mind, Visions From San Francisco

Moholy-Nagy, Lazlo
Vision in Motion

Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl
Matrix of Man, Moholy-Nagy Experiment in

Morgan, Arthur
The Long Road, Search for Purpose, Community of
the Future, Finding His Way, Nowhere Was
Somewhere, Observations, Industries for Small
Communities, Small Community, Dealing
Creatively with Death. A Biography and Memoir,
Walter Kahoe, Finding His World, Lucy Morgan

Morris, David
Self-Reliant Cities

Morris, William
Romantic to Revolutionary, E.P. Thompson

Mosca, Gaetano
The Ruling Class

Muir, John
Mountains of California, The Pathless Way,Michael Cohen;
Muir Among the Animals, Lisa Mighetto;
The Wilderness World of John Muir,Edwin W. Teale

Mumford, Lewis
Art and Technics, In the Name of Sanity, The
Pentagon of Power, The City in History, My Works
and Days

Naeve, Lowell
A Field of Broken Stones

Narayan, Jayaprakash
From Socialism to Sarvodaya

Nearing, Scott and Helen
Man's Search for the Good Life, Living the Good
Life, Making of a Radical, Continuing the Good
Life, Wise Words on the Good Life

Needham, Joseph
Science and Civilization in China, Grand Titration

Needleman, Jacob
The New Religions, Sword of Gnosis, Sense of the
Cosmos, Consciousness and Tradition, Heart of
Philosophy, Way of the Physician

Nelson, Leonard
The Socratic Method

Niblett, W.R.
Education and the Modern Mind

Nock, Albert Jay
Theory of Education in the U.S., Free Speech and
Plain Language

Ortega (Ortega y Gasset)
Revolt of the Masses, Idea of Principle in Leibniz,
Concord and Liberty, Toward a Philosophy of
History, Dehumanization of Art, Man and Crisis,
Man and People Meditations on Quixote, Mission
of the University, Some Lessons in Metaphysics,
Modern Theme, Man and His Circumstances:
Ortega as Educator, Robert McClintock

Paine, Thomas
The Rights of Man, Age of Reason, "Common Sense,"
Bernard Bailyn in Fundamental Testaments
of the American Revolution; Tom Paine: America's
Godfather, W.E. Woodward

Pallis, Marco
Peaks and Lamas

Parmenter, Ross
Plant in My Window, School of the Soldier, Stages
in a Journey

Paton, Alan
Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful, Cry the Beloved

Penfield, Dr. Walter
The Mystery of the Mind, Creative Experience

Pico della Mirandola
Oration on the Dignity of Man

Pinchot, Gifford
Breaking New Ground

The Dialogues of Plato, Plato:An Introduction,
Paul Friedlander; Therapeia, Robert Cushman;
Preface to Plato, Eric Havelock; Platonism and Its
Influence, A.E. Taylor

Polanyi, Karl
Primitive, Archaic and Modern Economics

Polanyi, Michael
Science, Faith and Society, Personal Knowledge,
The Tacit Dimension

Postman, Neil
Teaching as a Subversive Activity, Teaching as a
Conserving Activity, Disappearance of Childhood,
Amusing Ourselves to Death

Priestley, J.B.
Literature and Western Man, Journey Down a

Progoff, Ira
The Death and Rebirth of Psychology, The
Symbolic and the Real

Radhakrishnan, Sarvopalli
History of Indian Philosophy, Eastern Religions
and Western Thought, East and West, Gautama the
Buddha, The Principal Upanishads

Raine, Kathleen
Blake and Tradition, Defending Ancient Springs

Rau, Neil and Margaret
My Dear Ones

Read, Herbert
The Grass Roots of Art, Education Through Art,
Redemption of the Robot, To Hell With Culture!
The Innocent Eye, Anarchy and Order

Redfield, Robert
The Primitive World and Its Transformations

Reich, Charles
The Greening of America

Rhine, J.B.
New World of the Mind, Parapsychology:Frontier
Science of the Mind. J.B. Rhine: On the Frontiers
of Science, K.R. Rao

Riesman, Paul
Sign, Image, Symbol

Ring, Kenneth
Life at Death, Heading Toward Omega

Roberts, Catherine
Scientific Conscience, Science, Animals and

Robertson, Seonaid
Rosegarden and Labyrinth

Robinson, James Harvey
Mind in the Making

Rogers, Carl
On Becoming a Person, A Way of Being

Rosenberg, Harold
The Tradition of the New

Roszak, Theodore
The Making of a Counter Culture, Where the
Wasteland Ends, Unfinished Animal,
Person/Planet, Rethinking Liberalism, Cult of

Rotzel, Grace
The School in Rose Valley

Rourke, Constance
The Roots of American Culture

Royce, Josiah
The World and the Individual

Russell, Bertrand
Education and the Good Life, Introduction to
Lange's History of Materialism

Sahlins, Marshall
Culture and Practical Reason

Sale, Kirkpatrick
Dwellers in the Land:Bioregional Vision, Human

Salk, Jonas
The Survival of the Wisest, World Population and
Human Values, Anatomy of Reality

Sampson, Ronald
The Discovery of Peace

Schaar, John
Reflections on Authority, articles New American

Schell, Jonathan
The Fate of the Earth

Schreiner, Olive
Story of an African Farm, Dreams. An Olive
Schreiner Reader, Carol Barash, ed.

Schrodinger, Erwin
What Is Life?

Schumacher, E. F.
Small Is Beautiful, Guide for the Perplexed, E. F.
Schumacher: His Life and Times, Barbara Wood

Schwartz, Walter and Dorothy
Breaking Through

Sears, Paul
Deserts onthe March

Seidenberg, Roderick
Posthistoric Man

Seymour, John and Sally
How to Save the World, Lore of the Land, The

Sheldrake, Rupert
A New Science of Life, The Presence of the Past

Shelley, Percy B.
A Defense of Poetry

Shepard, Mark
Since Gandhi, Gandhi Today

Sibley, George
Part of a Winter

Slochower, Harry

Sloan, Douglass

Smith, Adam
Wealth of Nations

Smith, Huston
The Religions of Man, Beyond the Post-Modern

Smith, Wilfred Cantwell
Faith and Belief, Meaning and End of Religion

Soloman, Lawrence
In the Name of Progress

Sommer, Mark
Beyond the Bomb

Storer, John
The Web of Life

Sykes, Gerald
The Hidden Remnant
Tao Te Ching,
Lao Tse (Lionel Giles, trsl.)

Taylor, Edmond
Richer by Asia

Teggart, Frederick J.
Rome and China, Theory and Processes of History,
Practice of Geography

Thomas, Evan
The Radical "No"

Thomas, Lewis
The Lives of a Cell, The Youngest Science, Late
Night Thoughts

Thompson, Laura
The Hopi Way, Culture in Crisis

Thompson, William Irwin
At the Edge of History, Imagination of an
Insurrection, Passages About Earth, Darkness and
Scattered Light, Gaia:A Way of Knowing, ed.

Thoreau, Henry David
Civil Disobedience, Walden, Excursions, Week on
the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, Maine Woods.
Natural History of Massachusetts, The Senses of
Walden, Stanley Cavell; Concord Rebel, August
Derleth; Thoreau:a Life of the Mind, Robert
Richardson, Booklets and Bulletins of Thoreau Society

Timberlake, Lloyd
Africa in Crisis

Todd, John and Nancy
Bioshelters, Ocean Arks, City Farming;
Reinhabiting Cities and Towns, Tomorrow Is Our
Permanent Address

Tolstoy, Leo
Christianity and Patriotism, The Kingdom of God
Is Within You, What Is Religion?, My Confession,
What is Art?, On Education, The Inevitable
Revolution, On Life, Intimate Diary,Tolstoy or
Dostoevsky, Geo. Steiner; Tolstoy Remembered,
Tatyana Tolstoy; Writings on Civil Disobedience
and Nonviolence, David Albert, ed.

Tremeltt, Rex
Road to Ophir

Trilling, Lionel
The Opposing Self

Tuchman, Barbara
Practicing History, March of Polly, Distant Mirror

Udall, Stewart
The Quiet Crisis

Ullman, Dana
Homeopathy:Medicine for the 21st Century

Valery, Paul
The Art of Poetry

Van der Post, Laurens
The Dark Eye in Africa, Yet Being Someone Other

Van Dresser, Peter
A Landscape for Humans, Homegrown

Viereck, Peter
The Unadjusted Man

Ward, Colin
A Decade of Anarchy

Weaver, Richard
Ideas Have Consequences

Weil, Simone
The Need For Roots, The Iliad:the Poem of Force,
Oppression and Liberty, Simone Weil Reader.
S.W.:Interpretations of a Life, Geo. A. White,
ed.:Interpretations, Michele Murray;:An
Anthology, Sian Miles, ed.:A Modern Pilgrimage,Robert Coles

Weizenbaum, Joseph
Computer Power and Human Reason

Welch, Holmes
Taoism:The Parting of the Way, Buddhism Under

White, Lyn, Jr.
Machina Ex Deo

Whitehead, Alfred North
The Aims of Education, Nature and Life, Science
and Philosophy

Whitman, Walt
Leaves of Grass, Notes and Fragments, Democratic

Whorf, Benjamin Lee
Language, Thought, and Reality

Williams, William A.
The Great Evasion, Some Presidents

Wolff, Robert Jay
On Art and Learning

Woodcock, George
The Anarchist Prince, The Walls of India, Who
Killed the British Empire? Proudhon

Worster, Donald
Nature's Economy

Zinn, Howard
A People's History of U.S.


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