Volume XX 1967

No. 1 January 4

Lead Article: Man Thinking
Review: Perils of Being Human
Commentary: The Health of "MANAS"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Light And Shadow in Public
Frontiers: Change and Changing Things

No. 2 January 11

Lead Article: The Crisis of Civilization
Review: Lives of Great Men
Commentary: Tolstoy's Case
Children. . . and Ourselves: Lights Going On
Frontiers: The Disordered Will

No. 3 January 18

Lead Article: Is It Possible To Be An Optimist?
Review: "On the Side of the Angels"
Commentary: "Selective Conscientious Objector`'
Children. . . and Ourselves: Questions, Answers
Frontiers: Concerning Arguments About LSD

No. 4 January 25

Lead Article: Ecology Plus
Review: Art And the Times
Commentary: The Restive Press
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Idea of a College
Frontiers: "If Not Now, When?"

No. 5 February 1

Lead Article: The Revival of "Morality"
Review: Relief for Cities
Commentary: Evaluations of Business
Children. . . and Ourselves: Against the Spirit Prevailing
Frontiers: Drifting into Serious Trouble

No. 6 February 8

Lead Article: "The Tough and Resilient Mind"
Review: A Martha Graham Book
Commentary: The Task of "Living"
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Tutoring Movement
Frontiers: "Historical Camouflage"

No. 7 February 15

Lead Article: Economic Development and Poverty
Review: Sinners into Sages
Commentary: Worse Than "Plain Selfishness"
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Games Teachers Play

No. 8 February 22

Lead Article: The War on Alienation
Review: The Platonic Quest
Commentary: The Philosophic Discipline
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Fetish of Grades
Frontiers: On Loving One's Enemies

No. 9 March 1

Lead Article: Considerations on Peacemaking
Letter from Moscow
Review: The Planner's Siege Perilous
Commentary: The Next Civilization"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Everybody's Task
Frontiers: More Liberty Houses?

No. 10 March 8

Lead Article: The Modern Jungle
Review: From Noise to Meaning
Commentary: Immanent in Man
Children. . . and Ourselves: On Throwing Away the Books
Frontiers: Training for Adventure

No. 11 March 15

Lead Article: The Longing for Community
Review: This Century's Dishonors
Commentary: The Vision of an Age
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Ethics of Inquiry
Frontiers: Defender of Faith in Man

No. 12 March 22

Lead Article: Coming of Age in the World
Review: Symbolic Understanding
Commentary: A Man for This Season
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Challenge of World
Frontiers: We Can Try

No. 13 March 29

Lead Article: Principles of the Polis
Review: Buber's High Station
Commentary: Freedom Quilting Bee
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Next Generation of
Frontiers: Toward World-Wide Rural Renaissance

No. 14 April 5

Lead Article: The Measure of Progress
Review: Albert Camus
Commentary: Ends and Means
Children. . . and Ourselves: Diagnosis of Children's
Frontiers: A Familiar Question

No. 15 April 12

Lead Article: The Missing Factor
Letter from West Africa--I
Review: The Question of "Blame"
Commentary: Walking For Peace
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Thinking Young
Frontiers: Art And Human Longing

No. 16 April 19

Lead Article: The Role of Institutions
Review: Danilo Dolci
Commentary: More on Dolci
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Robot in the Parlor
Frontiers: The Need for Tolerance

No. 17 April 26

Lead Article: Thought and Action
Review: Pioneer in Psychotherapy
Commentary: The Contemporary Artist
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Golden Age
Frontiers: "Only in America"?

No. 18 May 3

Lead Article: The Examined Life
Letter From West Africa – II
Review: Story And Song
Commentary: A Wistful Journalist
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Rule of Reticence
Frontiers: Mailbag

No. 19 May 10

Lead Article: Is Philosophy Important?
Review: A New Humanist Magazine
Commentary: Plato's Ladder
Children. . . and Ourselves: An Unaffluent Beginning
Frontiers: Whither Liberal Education?

No. 20 May 17

Lead Article: Unquiet Desperation
Review: A Matter of Sovereignty
Commentary: Do-It-Yourself Housing
Children. . . and Ourselves: We Really Believe It
Frontiers: A Socialist Analysis

No. 21 May 24

Lead Article: The Dream of Reality
Review: On Sacred Constructions
Commentary: The Art of the Philosopher
Children. . . and Ourselves: Poems by Children
Frontiers: An Exploiters' Creed?

No. 22 May 31

Lead Article: The Idea of Progress
Review: Mental Health In Boston
Commentary: A Twilight Situation
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Great Intangibles
Frontiers: Art and Science

No. 23 June 7

Lead Article: Kings Must Become Philosophers
Review: What's Missing In Mc Luhan?
Commentary: Nirvana Comes At the End
Children. . . and Ourselves: An Obstacle Race?
Frontiers: Response to "Community"

No. 24 June 14

Lead Article: Toward a Voluntaristic Society
Review: A Revolutionary Claim
Commentary: A Striking Anticipation
Children. . . and Ourselves: How Will They Make a
Frontiers: Vietnam and the Press

No. 25 June 21

Lead Article: Business As Usual
Review: Journey to the East
Commentary: Can Statistics Blaspheme?
Children. . . and Ourselves: The University Scene
Frontiers: The Children of South Vietnam

No. 26 June 28

Lead Article: The Burdens of the Specialists
Review: Foundations of Tomorrow's Science
Commentary: The Dynamics of Change
Children. . . and Ourselves: Did Somebody Say Something
Frontiers: Dedicated to Pasternak

No. 27 July 5

Lead Article: The Designing Intelligence
Review: African Synthesis
Commentary: Miscellany
Children. . . and Ourselves: Nourished by Living Sources
Frontiers: Learning from "Nature"

No. 28 July 12

Lead Article: Uses and Misuses of Conformity
Review: Dolci's Work in Progress
Commentary: More Journalistic Wistfulness
Children. . . and Ourselves: Event in Monrovia
Frontiers: On Living Arithmetic

No. 29 July 19

Lead Article: Attitudes and Acts
Review: Progress in Science
Commentary: A Use for Abstract Science
Children. . . and Ourselves: Grades and Other Signs
Frontiers: We, Too, Deserve to be Free

No. 30 July 26

Lead Article: Images, Polls, and "Reality"
Review: More Work-In-Progress
Commentary: A Poet's Answer
Children. . . and Ourselves: On Open Field Teaching
Frontiers: The Great Refusal

No. 31 August 2

Lead Article: Principles and Specifics
Review: On "The Nature of Man"
Commentary: Know A Program by Its Risks
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Bauhaus and Its
Educational Heritage
Frontiers: Entropy – Get Out of Town!

No. 32 August 9

Lead Article: The Dramatic Art
Review: Therapy According to Plato
Commentary: Platonic Mysticism
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Bauhaus – II
Frontiers: Art and Morality

No. 33 August 16

Lead Article: Back to the Farm
Review: Ortega Y Gasset
Commentary: Anatomy of Futility
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Bauhaus – III
Frontiers: Identification and Autonomy

No. 34 August 23

Lead Article: The Obscurity of Philosophy
Review: "Creative Disorder" in Education
Commentary: The Method or the Man?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Music-Making for Children
Frontiers: The "Selfishness" of Synanon

No. 35 August 30

Lead Article: The Fall
Review: Neglected Delicacies
Commentary: "Peace-Creating"
Children. . . and Ourselves: School and Society
Frontiers: The End of Dialogue

No. 36 September 6

Lead Article: The Classical Questions
Review: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Commentary: The Only Religious Test
Children. . . and Ourselves: If I Were Censor-In-Chief
Frontiers: The Great Contempt

No. 37 September 13

Lead Article: The World That Must Be Made
Review: Plato as Sociologist
Commentary: Under New Management
Children. . . and Ourselves: Let's Teach Agriculture
Frontiers: The Heroism of Jean-Paul Sartre

No. 38 September 20

Lead Article: The Services of John Locke
Review: Mansions of Life
Commentary: The Uses of Truth
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Hopes and Fears of
Frontiers: Problems Behind Problems

No. 39 September 27

Lead Article: The Thrust of a Life
Review: A Study of Anxiety
Commentary: Books by Ortega
Children. . . and Ourselves: It Wasn't Their Fault
Frontiers: Ionian Philosophy

No. 40 October 4

Lead Article: Plato or Bacon?
Review: The Crisis in Religion
Commentary: Criticism and Life
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Principle of Reform
Frontiers: The Cloud of Certainties

No. 41 October 11

Lead Article: Nature's Voice Has Changed
Review: On Truth And "Power"
Commentary: Invitation to the Community-Minded
Children. . . and Ourselves: Beyond Bureaucracy?
Frontiers: Last Summer in the Cities

No. 42 October 18

Lead Article: Toward an Unmanaged Future
Review: Extremes in the East
Commentary: On Blowing the Whistle
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Essential Ingredients
Frontiers: The Face of Violence

No. 43 October 25

Lead Article: Toward Inclusive Simplicities
Review: Exit the Antiquarians
Commentary: The Examined Life
Children. . . and Ourselves: Plays Given by Children
Frontiers: The Nature of Historical Crisis

No. 44 November 1

Lead Article: The New Morality
Review: The Coming Hunger
Commentary: The Wisdom Required
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Brotherhood of Sects?
Frontiers: A Man of His Time

No. 45 November 8

Lead Article: Planning and Growth
Review: Reflective Distance
Commentary: "In Matters of Importance"
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Basic Questions
Frontiers: Fact and Opinion

No. 46 November 15

Lead Article: Various Confessions
Review: An Independent Mind
Commentary: A Note by Picasso
Children. . . and Ourselves: Mission of the University
Frontiers: They've Gone About As Far . . .

No. 47 November 22

Lead Article: The Trouble with Institutions
Review: Search for Roots
Commentary: Identity Crisis
Children. . . and Ourselves: Children's Crusade
Frontiers: The Scientific Activity

No. 48 November 29

Lead Article: Who Speaks for Man?
Review: A Lost Inheritance
Commentary: Why Do We Forget What We Know?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Essence of Basic Education
Frontiers: The American Scholar

No. 49 December 6

Lead Article: Intermediate Technologies
Review: What Is Really Going On?
Commentary: Social Science at Work
Children. . . and Ourselves: Essence of Basic Education
Frontiers: The American (Indian) Dream

No. 50 December 13

Lead Article: From Problems to Principles
Review: "What Am I?"
Commentary: The State Has Changed
Children. . . and Ourselves: Essence of Basic Education
Frontiers: On Tolstoy

No. 51 December 20

Lead Article: The Politics of Moralists
Review: A Being of the Word
Commentary: Learning from Children
Children. . . and Ourselves: An Early Experiment with
Frontiers: Voice from a Small Olympus

No. 52 December 27

Lead Article: On Changing the World
Review: The War "Defies Comprehension"
Commentary: The State Is Not Society
Children. . . and Ourselves: World Education
Frontiers: Letter from South Africa