Volume XVII 1964

No. 1 January 1

Lead Article: Action For Peace, Freedom, And
Review: Philosophy And Diplomacy
Commentary: Time To Set A Precedent
Children...And Ourselves: Matter For Reflection
Frontiers: A Letter On "Identity"

No. 2 January 8

Lead Article: Politics, The State, And Free Men
Review: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Commentary: The Bitter With The Sweet
Children...And Ourselves: Matter For Reflection (Ii)
Frontiers: "Fate Or Free Will" – As Of 1964

No. 3 January 15

Lead Article: You Can't Go Home Again – Russian Version
Review: Science And Man
Commentary: On Growing Up
Children...And Ourselves: Teen-Age Tyranny
Frontiers: Existentialism Revisited

No. 4 January 22

Lead Article: The Social Functions
Review: "Foundations Of Modern Art"
Commentary: Humanity In Politics
Children...And Ourselves: On Early Death
Frontiers: Of Writers And Directors

No. 5 January 29

Lead Article: The Americanization Of Psychoanalysis
Review: Santayana And Jung
Commentary: Sources Of Strength
Children...And Ourselves: Perspectives On A Profession
Frontiers: Toward Better Social Science

No. 6 February 5

Lead Article: Rousseauists And Prometheans
Review: "The Myth Of Mental Illness"
Commentary: The Form Is Not The Substance
Children...And Ourselves: The Preparation Of A Teacher
Frontiers: Brotherhood In Equality

No. 7 February 12

Lead Article: Dilemmas Of The Holists
Review: Some "Naturals"
Commentary: The Road Is Better Than The Inn
Children...And Ourselves: A Novel About Teachers
Frontiers: What Perspectives Are "New'?

No. 8 February 19

Lead Article: Toward Vertical Man
Review: Encyclopaedia Of Buddhism
Commentary: More Health In Us
Children...And Ourselves: Cradles Of Eminence
Frontiers: Population Explosions And Such

No. 9 February 26

Lead Article: The Crisis In Medicine
Review: Mr. Wilson's Protest
Commentary: Contemporary Magazine
Children...And Ourselves: Dialogue On The Philosophy Of
Frontiers: The Human Spirit At Bay

No. 10 March 4

Lead Article: New-Old Discoveries
Review: No Winners, No Survivors
Commentary: Responsibility For What? – To Whom?
Children...And Ourselves: Perspectives
Frontiers: Self-Criticism For Christianity

No. 11 March 11

Lead Article: Not Entirely By Chance
Review: "In The Middle Of A Line"
Commentary: Challenge And Response
Children...And Ourselves: Television Dialogue
Frontiers: "Discovery Of The Self"

No. 12 March 18

Lead Article: Hungers Of The Heart
Review: Miscellany
Commentary: Where Do You Begin?
Children...And Ourselves: Toward Nonviolence
Frontiers: Art And Civilization

No. 13 March 25

Lead Article: Toward A Redefinition Of Science
Review: Philosophy And The Policeman
Commentary: "A Real Unit Being"
Children...And Ourselves: Transvaluation For The Colleges
Frontiers: "The Brain Vs. The Machine"

No. 14 April 1

Lead Article: The Edge Of The Abyss
Review: A Psychological Exploration
Commentary: Psycho-Social Synthesis
Children...And Ourselves: Misery And Responsibility
Frontiers: Contemporary Socialist Directions

No. 15 April 8

Lead Article: The Prophetic Agonizers
Review: Psychoanalysis And Responsibility
Commentary: Of Interest To Indians
Children...And Ourselves: Education In Religion
Frontiers: The Soil Of Hiroshima

No. 16 April 15

Lead Article: The New Thinking About Man
Review: A Study Of The Death Penalty
Commentary: Letter On Listening
Children...And Ourselves: Education In Religion – A
Frontiers: Letter From Poland

No. 17 April 22

Lead Article: The Commitment Of Self
Review: "Occidental Mythology"
Commentary: The Source Of Commitment
Children...And Ourselves: Adult Education – Fact And
Frontiers: The Need To Be Understood

No. 18 April 29

Lead Article: An Essential Paradox
Review: A Challenge In Psychotherapy
Commentary: Wisdom's Flight From Power
Children...And Ourselves: Values In Action
Frontiers: Social Science And Social Value

No. 19 May 6

Lead Article: Literature And Life
Review: Another "Strunk And White"
Commentary: Critic Of Carrel
Children...And Ourselves: Thoreau – Critic Of Education
Frontiers: Part Of A Letter

No. 20 May 13

Lead Article: The Worlds We Live In
Review: Reviewer's Delight
Commentary: The Trouble With "Debates"
Children...And Ourselves: Channels Of Communication
Frontiers: Pueblo Indian Ethos

No. 21 May 20

Lead Article: Seeking The Good
Review: On Being Negro
Commentary: Help Of Various Kinds
Children...And Ourselves: The University As Microcosm
Frontiers: More On The American Ethos

No. 22 May 27

Lead Article: The Acquirement Of Individuality
Review: Erik Erikson
Commentary: Religion And Society
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And Education
Frontiers: The New Science

No. 23 June 3

Lead Article: What Is A Man To Do?
Review: "Convocation On Morality"
Commentary: The Evil Men Do
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Metaphysics – I
Frontiers: Frustrating Paradox

No. 24 June 10

Lead Article: Which Things Are True?
Review: "The U.S. And Revolution"
Commentary: Law As Teacher
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Metaphysics – II
Frontiers: News Of A Sort

No. 25 June 17

Lead Article: A Society Made To Stand
Review: "The Matter Of Zen"
Commentary: Why Synanon Works
Children...And Ourselves: Franconia College Proceedings
Frontiers: A Lesson From Current History

No. 26 June 24

Lead Article: Devotion To The Human Being
Review: Universal Drama Of Rebirth
Commentary: Converging Lines
Children...And Ourselves: Innovation And Participation
Frontiers: Philosopher Of The One

No. 27 July 1

Lead Article: Great And Perilous Times
Review: "Fear-Engendering Conformity"
Commentary: Toward "Understood Diversity"
Children...And Ourselves: The New University – Some
Radical Thoughts
Frontiers: Salute To "Dissent"

No. 28 July 8

Lead Article: The Long Vacation
Review: Doomsday Ingredients
Commentary: Simone Weil
Children...And Ourselves: Peace, Brother
Frontiers: A Craving For One World

No. 29 July 15

Lead Article: Toward A Science Of Man
Letter From Beirut
Review: One Meaning For Death And Rebirth
Commentary: The World's Dilemma
Children...And Ourselves: Curriculum Philosophy
Frontiers: The Uses And Abuses Of Toughness

No. 30 July 22

Lead Article: The Logic Of Technology
Review: A Novel For Enjoyable Rumination
Commentary: Dehumanization – Plain And Concealed
Children...And Ourselves: American Ideas And Education
Frontiers: The Dilemma Of A Scientific Culture

No. 31 July 29

Lead Article: Ends And Means
Review: "The Symbolic And The Real"
Commentary: The Politics Of Fear
Children...And Ourselves: The Quick And The Dead
Frontiers: Voluntary Enterprise – Costly But Free

No. 32 August 5

Lead Article: Means And Signs Of Change
Letter From Eastern Europe
Review: Of Death And The Timeless Vision
Commentary: Community Library Project
Children...And Ourselves: The Use Of Religion
Frontiers: Meaning In History

No. 33 August 12

Lead Article: To Be Or Not To Be
Review: The Religious Revival
Commentary: The Furious Good
Children...And Ourselves: Creativity In A Prepared
Frontiers: Pillars Of Society

No. 34 August 19

Lead Article: The Clinical Society
Review: Worth Noting
Commentary: A Life Of Daring
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: Mayer's Moral Universe

No. 35 August 26

Lead Article: The Poem As An Act Of Rescue
Review: The Gandhian Ground
Commentary: Beyond The Qualities
Children...And Ourselves: Be Unprepared!
Frontiers: Forms Of Social Schizophrenia

No. 36 September 2

Lead Article: A Language Of Synthesis
Review: A Fine "War" Novel
Commentary: Concerning The Triple Revolution
Children...And Ourselves: Anarchism And Education
Frontiers: Monism, Dualism, Pluralism

No. 37 September 9

Lead Article: Theseus In The Labyrinth
Review: Toward A New Economics
Commentary: FIN DE SI»CLE
Children...And Ourselves: Schooldays
Frontiers: Sartre And The Dilemmas Of Man

No. 38 September 16

Lead Article: On Uncertain But Promising Ground
Review: Vietnam And Blessed Ignorance
Commentary: The Politics Of Health
Children...And Ourselves: "Mental Testing" Vs Education
Frontiers: "World Without War" Conference Proposals

No. 39 September 23

Lead Article: A Tender Hope
Review: Authority
Commentary: Albany Needs Another Library
Children...And Ourselves: Creativity In An Unprepared
Frontiers: Aesthetic Experiences

No. 40 September 30

Lead Article: Quest For The Root
Review: The Appeal Of "No-Think"
Commentary: Correspondence
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On Adult Educatton
Frontiers: On Teaching "Virtue"

No. 41 October 7

Lead Article: The Individual And Society: Again
Review: Onward The Cinema!
Commentary: It Would Profit A Man
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And The Republic
Frontiers: On Compassion

No. 42 October 14

Lead Article: The Failure Of The Environment
Review: Achieving "Emotional Maturity"
Commentary: Into The Interstices!
Children...And Ourselves: Frontiers Of Knowledge
Frontiers: Challenge To Humanism

No. 43 October 21

Lead Article: The Need For A Public Philosophy
Review: Mumford On Jung
Commentary: The Higher Life
Children...And Ourselves: Education In Religion
Frontiers: Community And Individuality

No. 44 October 28

Lead Article: Where We Are Now
Review: Mirror Of Africa
Commentary: Out Of The Chrysalis
Children...And Ourselves: Religion And Education
Frontiers: "Counseling The Dying"

No. 45 November 4

Lead Article: Heroism: The Lost Dimension
Review: Colin Wilson's New Look At Humanism
Commentary: Where Is The Dragon?
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Religion
Frontiers: Another "Failure Of Nerve"?

No. 46 November 11

Lead Article: The Liberal Dilemma
Review: Stranger Passing Through
Commentary: To Renew Acquaintance
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Religion
Frontiers: Death And Transcendence

No. 47 November 18

Lead Article: Our Virtue Has A Limit
Review: Requiem For The Wild Blue Yonder
Commentary: The Buddhist Metaphysic
Children...And Ourselves: Religion In The Schools –
Legislative Questions
Frontiers: Against Captivity

No. 48 November 25

Lead Article: What Can We Leave To Nature?
Review: "The Immense Journey"
Commentary: In Praise Of Liberals
Children...And Ourselves: More On Religion In The
Frontiers: What Is The Challenge Of Cybernation?

No. 49 December 2

Lead Article: Faith In Man
Review: The Death And Rebirth Of Philosophy
Commentary: The "New Spirit"
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: Education And Existentialism

No. 50 December 9

Lead Article: The Guilt Of The Righteous
Review: On The Psychology Of Addiction
Commentary: Some Pyrrhic Victories
Children...And Ourselves
Frontiers: Viva Mexico!

No. 51 December 16

Lead Article: The Sources Of Human Failure
Review: Philosophical Approach To Alienation
Commentary: 1965 Peace Calendar
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Violence
Frontiers: Not Enough With Us

No. 52 December 23

Lead Article: Science And Religion
Review: Beginnings
Commentary: The Role Of Institutions
Children...And Ourselves: Educational Revaluation
Frontiers: Two Conceptions Of Immortality

No. 53 December 30

Lead Article: Dialogues And Frustrations
Review: A View Of The Nation
Commentary: Unamuno
Children...And Ourselves: Adult Education
Frontiers: "Animal Machines"