Volume XVIII 1965

No. 1 January 6

Lead Article: The Sacred Bonds
Review: Comparative Religious Study – Buddhism
Commentary: The Islands And The Sea
Children...And Ourselves: The "I Am Me" Experience
Frontiers: Where Morality Begins

No. 2 January 13

Lead Article: Direct Action For Social Change
Review: A Philosopher-Statesman And His Work
Commentary: The Role Of Art
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: Through Lazarus' Eyes

No. 3 January 20

Lead Article: The "Revolutionary Situation"
Review: "Creativity And Encounter"
Commentary: What Makes For Peace?
Children...And Ourselves: Some English Critics
Frontiers: Going And Coming

No. 4 January 27

Lead Article: The Mississippi Idea
Review: Lao Tzu And The Tao
Commentary: Would It Be Possible . . . ?
Children...And Ourselves: A New Psychology In Education
Frontiers: What A University Is For

No. 5 February 3

Lead Article: The Apologetic State
Review: Two Pioneers
Commentary: Tasks For Education
Children...And Ourselves: Training For Citizenship
Frontiers: "The Self And The Other"

No. 6 February 10

Lead Article: The Daring And Perilous Project
Review: Nostalgic Recollections
Commentary: Revivifying Myths
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: The Significance Of Symbols

No. 7 February 17

Lead Article: Human Meanings Of Crisis
Review: Natural Olympus
Commentary: Unfrustrated Conservative
Children...And Ourselves: Moral Values And Our
Frontiers: "Look`' Looks At '`The Radical Right`'

No. 8 February 24

Lead Article: Who Will Persevere?
Review: All Our Yesterdays
Commentary: Responsibility Of Readers
Children...And Ourselves: Two Youthful Minds
Frontiers: Women's Magazines
[ H e l p ] [ S e a r c h ] [ M a i n M e n u ]

No. 9 March 3

Lead Article: A Responsibility Of People
Review: Linking Sociology And Psychology
Commentary: Report From A Hospital
Children...And Ourselves: Challenges Of Guidance
Frontiers: Schizophrenia And Utopia

No. 10 March 10

Lead Article: Decentralism
Review: Some Moral Simplicities
Commentary: The Important Questions
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Violence
Frontiers: With Discrimination Toward None

No. 11 March 17

Lead Article: Portrait Of The Enemy
Review: On Philosophy And Poetry
Commentary: Acts Of Faith
Children...And Ourselves: Support For Educational Reform
Frontiers: A Freer Society

No. 12 March 24

Lead Article: Education In A World Of Revolution
Review: "Is There The Ego?"
Commentary: Emerging Maturities
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Religion
Frontiers: The Deepest Issue

No. 13 March 31

Lead Article: Tough-Minded Men In Flight
Review: Random Notes On "Self-Transcendence"
Commentary: More Grist For The Tough-Minded
Children...And Ourselves: Franconia College – Progress
Toward An Ideal
Frontiers: Signs Of Health

No. 14 April 7

Lead Article: The Obscure Alliance
Review: "The Power Of Greek Tragedy"
Commentary: The Gandhian Challenge
Children...And Ourselves: Future Education – Prospects
And Problems
Frontiers: "The Coming Culture"

No. 15 April 14

Lead Article: The Chances For Utopia
Review: "To Be A God"
Commentary: The Needs Of The Polis
Children...And Ourselves: More Creativity In An
Unprepared Atmosphere
Frontiers: Why Are We So Anxious?
[ H e l p ] [ S e a r c h ] [ M a i n M e n u ]

No. 16 April 21

Lead Article: The Deep-Freeze Of System Thinking
Review: Hillbillies, Beatles And A Moral Or Two
Commentary: Faith Seeking Understanding
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Religious Study
Frontiers: You Can't Keep Philosophy Down

No. 17 April 28

Lead Article: A Society Worth Having
Review: The Limitations Of Psychoanalysis
Commentary: A Cause Of Moral Desperation
Children...And Ourselves: Friends World College
Frontiers: The Tool-Maker's Dilemma

No. 18 May 5

Lead Article: The Mists Of Objectivity
Review: "Conformity" And "Freedom" – Again
Commentary: Beyond Theology
Children...And Ourselves: The U.S. And Religion – A New
Frontiers: Political Action

No. 19 May 12

Lead Article: Instead Of A Social Machine
Review: Psychiatrists On Religion
Commentary: "Children And Ourselves"
Children...And Ourselves: A Significant Beginning
Frontiers: A Letter From Albany, Georgia

No. 20 May 19

Lead Article: The Problems Of The Righteous
Review: "The Heart Of Man"
Commentary: Acts Of Commitment
Children...And Ourselves: The Case Against Schooling
Frontiers: A Changing Pattern

No. 21 May 26

Lead Article: The Failing Dreams
Review: "The Behavior Of Nations"
Commentary: The Crux Of The Social Question
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On A Teacher's Life
Frontiers: In Search Of African Writers

No. 22 June 2

Lead Article: The Technological Process
Review: A Hope For Peace
Commentary: University Of California – A Verdict
Children...And Ourselves: The Community School
Frontiers: The Continuing Dialogue

No. 23 June 9

Lead Article: Growing Up Abstractly
Review: The Essays Of Joseph Wood Krutch
Commentary: Not Quite "Non-Existent"
Frontiers: In Place Of "Therapy"?
[ H e l p ] [ S e a r c h ] [ M a i n M e n u ]

No. 24 June 16

Lead Article: Systems And The Man
Review: "Life Against Death"
Commentary: "Peace Is The Way"
Children...And Ourselves: Lectures And Machines
Frontiers: The Anarchist Vision

No. 25 June 25

Lead Article: Peace And Justice
Review: "Humanistic Biology"
Commentary: The Nature Of Man
Children...And Ourselves: Art And Language
Frontiers: Decline Of Ideological "Science"

No. 26 June 30

Lead Article: The Crisis Of The Age
Review: The Existentialist Ethos
Commentary: The Move Toward Sanity
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Passing
Frontiers: Loss Of Community

No. 27 July 7

Lead Article: The Idea Of Science
Review: Goodman On "Growing Up"
Commentary: The Idea Of Man
Children...And Ourselves: Parental Responsibility
Frontiers: Cultural Lag – A Special Case

No. 28 July 14

Lead Article: "What Can We (I) Do"
Review: The Philosophy Of Huston Smith
Commentary: What's At The Other End?
Children...And Ourselves: Notes In Review
Frontiers: Being And Becoming

No. 29 July 21

Lead Article: Doing And Being
Review: "Morals" And The Popular Novel
Commentary: Return To Immanent Justice
Children...And Ourselves: Evolution For The Family
Frontiers: The Satya Yuga-Karis

No. 30 July 28

Lead Article: Science And Self-Actualization
Review: The Novelist-Philosopher Again
Commentary: Man As Given
Frontiers: Means To Peace

No. 31 August 4

Lead Article: Psychiatrists And War
Review: "Contemporary Moral Issues"
Commentary: The Gandhian Objective
Children...And Ourselves: "Managing" Human Failure
Frontiers: Filling The Vacuum
[ H e l p ] [ S e a r c h ] [ M a i n M e n u ]

No. 32 August 11

Lead Article: The Great Shakedown
Review: "Council For The Study Of Mankind"
Commentary: "Millions Of Solitary Individuals"
Children...And Ourselves: Educational Perspectives On
Frontiers: The Leisure-Time Dilemma

No. 33 August 18

Lead Article: The Shaving Process
Review: "The Fraternal Society"
Commentary: The Estrangement Of Literature
Children...And Ourselves: Proposal For "Junior High" Re-
Frontiers: What Kind Of Education?

No. 34 August 25

Lead Article: Cultural Activity In Africa
Review: Return To Metaphysics?
Commentary: Regenerating Institutions
Children...And Ourselves: One Kind Of Higher Learning
Frontiers: Existentialist Perspective On Marxism

No. 35 September 1

Lead Article: The Para-Pastoral Ideal
Review: Existential Psychiatry
Commentary: Key To The Kingdom
Children...And Ourselves: How Children Fail
Frontiers: Philosophy – The Imperative Activity

No. 36 September 8

Lead Article: The High Cost Of Ambiguity
Review: "Values" And The Acquisitive Society
Commentary: Qualification And Addition
Children...And Ourselves: Letter From A Reader
Frontiers: The New History-Makers

No. 37 September 15

Lead Article: Some Thinking About Religion
Review: Psychoanalysis And "Responsibility"
Commentary: Poet As Philosopher
Children...And Ourselves: Goodman's Educational
Frontiers: Works Of The Imagination

No. 38 September 22

Lead Article: Beyond "Rational" Progress
Review: "New" Psychiatric Approach
Commentary: Other Halves
Children...And Ourselves: On Teaching Virtue
Frontiers: For Any Human Being, Anywhere
[ H e l p ] [ S e a r c h ] [ M a i n M e n u ]

No. 39 September 29

Lead Article: Behind Socratic Ignorance
Review: Search For An Authentic Ethic
Commentary: The Clarity Of Wholeness
Children...And Ourselves: Can Students Pick Teachers?
Frontiers: A Gentle Profanity

No. 40 October 6

Lead Article: The Responsibilities Of The Individual
Review: "Streetcorner Research"
Commentary: A Question Of Method
Children...And Ourselves: Considerations On Delinquency
Frontiers: The Human Presence

No. 41 October 13

Lead Article: The Understanding Of Pain
Review: The Issue Of "Reductionism"
Commentary: The War System
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On Moral Issues
Frontiers: The Trouble In Tibet

No. 42 October 20

Lead Article: The Primary Longings
Review: The Anxious Audience
Commentary: Arthur Morgan's Vision
Children...And Ourselves: The Dignity Of Children
Frontiers: "The Long Road"

No. 43 October 27

Lead Article: Beginnings Are More Timeless Than Endings
Review: An Accidental Encounter
Commentary: "In Favor Of The People"
Children...And Ourselves: Philosophic Free Enterprise
Frontiers: For Continuance Of Mind

No. 44 November 3

Lead Article: Are We Ready To Hear?
Review: The Author As Philosopher
Commentary: Science And Teaching
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Peace
Frontiers: A Case For Nonviolent Peacekeeping

No. 45 November 10

Lead Article: Before The Storm
Review: Art And Human Destiny
Commentary: Ordering And Knowing
Children...And Ourselves: The Mothering One: I
Frontiers: What Is "Psychotherapy''?

No. 46 November 17

Lead Article: The Quest For Synthesis
Review: Christian Polemics, New Style
Commentary: Who Are The Myth-Makers?
Children...And Ourselves: The Mothering One: II
Frontiers: The Conceptual Roots Of War And Genocide
[ H e l p ] [ S e a r c h ] [ M a i n M e n u ]

No. 47 November 24

Lead Article: The Life Of Civilization
Review: "Faith Without Dogma"
Commentary: C. S. Lewis On Man
Children...And Ourselves: Continuing Explorations At
Frontiers: Letter From Venezuela

No. 48 December 1

Lead Article: The Two Struggles
Review: A Gadfly Who Builds
Commentary: The Problem Of Identity
Children...And Ourselves: Unchurched Religious Education
Frontiers: The Confinements Of History

No. 49 December 8

Lead Article: Cooperation: The Problem Of Survival
Review: Erik Erikson On Gandhi
Commentary: The Unwritten Norms
Children...And Ourselves: The Radical – Some Definitions
Frontiers: Alienation

No. 50 December 15

Lead Article: An Indian Wisdom
Review: Identity Versus Morality
Commentary: An Ideal Image Of Man
Children...And Ourselves: Notes On A Humanistic School
Frontiers: When Is Man "Free"?

No. 51 December 22

Lead Article: Symbols And Myths
Review: A Novelist's Ethical Asides
Commentary: The Student Revolt
Children...And Ourselves: The Ever Normal Cookie Jar
Frontiers: Science As Consensus

No. 52 December 29

Lead Article: They Know Enough For A Start
Review: The Myths That Kill
Commentary: Various "Break-Throughs"
Children...And Ourselves: Education And Dr. Maslow
Frontiers: "The City" – Through Mumford's Eyes