Volume XXVII 1974

No. 1 January 2

Lead Article: The Birth Of Philosophy
Review: Pico Della Mirandola
Commentary: An Ancient Mystery
Children. . . and Ourselves: Theory And Practice
Frontiers: Negative Amnesty; Or – The Sins Of The Father

No. 2 January 9

Lead Article: A Look At Rationalism
Review: This And That
Commentary: Editorial
Children. . . and Ourselves: Formation Of A Man
Frontiers: The Liberal Churches

No. 3 January 16

Lead Article: The World In View
Review: Gandhi From Day To Day
Commentary: The Record Of Nature
Children. . . and Ourselves: Paulo Freire
Frontiers: More On The "Green Revolution"

No. 4 January 23

Lead Article: The Simple Solutions
Review: A Man "Still Seeking"
Commentary: To Fill The Dark
Children. . . and Ourselves: A View Of "Privacy"
Frontiers: Time And The Land

No. 5 January 30

Lead Article: Common Dilemmas
Review: The Pursuit Of Truth
Commentary: A. H. Maslow
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Good Book To Own
Frontiers: World Food Supply

No. 6 February 6

Lead Article: In Place Of Power
Review: Blake: A Short Appreciation
Commentary: The Tragic View
Children. . . and Ourselves: Sic Et Non
Frontiers: "The Ability To Change"

No. 7 February 13

Lead Article: The Complexities Of Change
Review: On Doctors And Health
Commentary: A Clarifying Parallel
Children. . . and Ourselves: Letter From A Friend
Frontiers: We Had Reason To Know Better

No. 8 February 20

Lead Article: Toward Actual Self-Government
Review: The Florentine School
Commentary: Community "Government"?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Miscellany
Frontiers: The Useful Press

No. 9 February 27

Lead Article: To Make Things Go Right
Review: The Twain Are Meeting
Commentary: The Cidoc Approach
Children. . . and Ourselves: "Reflective Attending"
Frontiers: About America And Americans

No. 10 March 6

Lead Article: The Unchanging Question
Review: The New Economics Is Here
Commentary: The Sin And The Savior
Children. . . and Ourselves: Anything Round"
Frontiers: The Advocates Of Change

No. 11 March 13

Lead Article: Education For Peace
Review: The Use Of A Man
Commentary: Pride and/or Fame
Children. . . and Ourselves: Two Views Of Education
Frontiers: Energy: A Choice Of Reading

No. 12 March 20

Lead Article: Questions About Revolution
Review: Humanists On "God`'
Commentary: Plaget's Contribution
Children. . . and Ourselves: On Truth As Correspondence
Frontiers: From Shadowed Walls

No. 13 March 27

Lead Article: In Spite Of His Defects
Review: Distortions Of Ancient Tradition
Commentary: A Higher Mathematics?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Environmental Studies
Frontiers: Beyond The Wasteland

No. 14 April 3

Lead Article: In Quest Of Themselves
Review: The Dominant Realities
Commentary: In Addition . . .
Children. . . and Ourselves: Mahabharata
Frontiers: Symptoms And Causes

No. 15 April 10

Lead Article: Old Rationalism For New
Review: A Poet And The Human Condition
Commentary: Pedagogic Verity
Children. . . and Ourselves: Success Story
Frontiers: Starting All Over Again

No. 16 April 17

Lead Article: Awareness In America
Review: In Transition: Vision And Criticism
Commentary: What To Do Next?
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Vision Of Reality
Frontiers: Redirection And Reconstruction

No. 17 April 24

Lead Article: The Area Of Human Competence
Review: What Serves "Philosophy"?
Commentary: On Self Education
Children. . . and Ourselves: Toward Paideia
Frontiers: With The Statisticians . . .

No. 18 May 1

Lead Article: The Self And Knowledge
Review: Reaches Toward Synthesis
Commentary: "Cottage Industry"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Of Books And Boats
Frontiers: Nations And Communities

No. 19 May 8

Lead Article: Polarities Of Mind
Review: The Key To An Age
Commentary: Eighteenth-Century Science
Children. . . and Ourselves: Small Family Enterprises
Frontiers: Mind And Brain

No. 20 May 15

Lead Article: The Image Of Man In Economics – I
Review: City And Anti-City
Commentary: "Will You, Won't You?"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Teacher Comes To America
Frontiers: This Stable World

No. 21 May 22

Lead Article: The Image Of Man In Economics – II
Review: The Heart Of The Constitution
Commentary: Questions Without Answers
Children. . . and Ourselves: Four Wise Men
Frontiers: Social Science: A Radical Critique

No. 22 May 29

Lead Article: A Level Of Planning
Review: Song Of Work
Commentary: The Upanishads
Children. . . and Ourselves: Vinoba's Basic Education
Frontiers: A Step-By-Step Process

No. 23 June 5

Lead Article: Men And Systems
Review: From Rags To Recognition
Commentary: Which "Nature" Knows Best?
Children. . . and Ourselves: On Righteous Campaigns
Frontiers: Since The War

No. 24 June 12

Lead Article: What Shall We Learn To Praise?
Review: Critical Ramble
Commentary: Two Perspectives
Children. . . and Ourselves: In Behalf Of Teachers
Frontiers: The General Delusion

No. 25 June 19

Lead Article: The Voiced And The Mute
Review: A Great, Big Bird
Commentary: Sand Country
Children. . . and Ourselves: Education And The Law
Frontiers: New And Old Critiques Of Orthodoxy

No. 26-35 June 26

Lead Article: Invitation To Learning
Review: More Than An Economic Historian
Commentary: Sources Of Literature
Children. . . and Ourselves: Scapegoats, Anybody?
Frontiers: Notes On Self-Reliance

No. 36 September 4

Lead Article: Voluntary Simplicity – I
Review: Distinguished Historian
Commentary: Richard B. Gregg
Children. . . and Ourselves: John Holt Writes Again
Frontiers: Views On Technology

No. 37 September 11

Lead Article: Voluntary Simplicity – II
Review: Herbal Lore
Commentary: Blurred Issues
Children. . . and Ourselves: Service Agencies
Frontiers: Changes In Social Thought

No. 38 September 18

Lead Article: Unprogress Report
Review: The Two Worlds Of Magic
Commentary: Signs And Predictions
Children. . . and Ourselves: He Wouldn't Teach
Frontiers: A Tough-Minded Utopian

No. 39 September 25

Lead Article: Historic Possibilities
Review: Planetary Housekeeping
Commentary: The Hard School
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Help We Can Get
Frontiers: Energy And Food

No. 40 October 2

Lead Article: Currents Of Change
Review: Socratic Priorities
Commentary: Why Should We Do It?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Changes In Thinking
Frontiers: Problems Of Conservationists

No. 41 October 9

Lead Article: The Other Kind Of Knowledge
Review: Restoring The Fields
Commentary: Necessities Of "Inside Science"
Children. . . and Ourselves
"Results" In Education
Frontiers: Pine Trees For California

No. 42 October 16

Lead Article: Vision And Necessity
Review: Ernest Gruening
Commentary: A Test Case
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Good Combination
Frontiers: The Question Of Meaning

No. 43 October 23

Lead Article: The Uses Of Language
Review: Fact And Vision
Commentary: Two Acts Of A Drama
Children. . . and Ourselves: An Old Truth
Frontiers: Addiction: Various Sorts

No. 44 October 30

Lead Article: What Sort Of Awakening?
Review: Psychology's Lost Chord
Commentary: From Information To Meaning
Children. . . and Ourselves: Certain Puzzles
Frontiers: David And Goliath

No. 45 November 6

Lead Article: Another Language
Review: What Price Ideology?
Commentary: How Much Is Enough
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Romantic Poets
Frontiers: "Does Matter Exist?"

No. 46 November 13

Lead Article: Symbol And Myth
Review: Buchner And Boethius
Commentary: A Matter Of Health
Children. . . and Ourselves: Various Scapegoats
Frontiers: More Convergences In Science

No. 47 November 20

Lead Article: Clear And Distinct Ideas
Review: History Of Science Fiction
Commentary: More By Carl Becker
Children. . . and Ourselves: Minute Harmonies
Frontiers: Are The Cults "Occult`'?

No. 48 November 27

Lead Article: Problem And Precedent
Review: Tomorrow's Science?
Commentary: For Resetting Our Heads
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Vacuum And The Filling
Frontiers: Goals And Responsibilities

No. 49 December 4

Lead Article: The War Of Ideas
Review: About Metaphors
Commentary: Champion Of Mind
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Tale Of No Great
Frontiers: Cyclops and Bruno

No. 50 December 11

Lead Article: The Dramatic Illustration
Review: Utopian Publishing
Commentary: Other Illustrations
Children. . . and Ourselves: Questions And More
Frontiers: On Doing Good

No. 51 December 18

Lead Article: Nature Without Man
Review: Relative Or Absolute Morality?
Commentary: What The Future Will Require
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Story As Emancipator
Frontiers: Trigant Burrow – Pioneer Psychologist

No. 52 December 25

Lead Article: The Context Of Life
Review: Blake's Assets
Commentary: "Something Better Than Art"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Schools And Projects
Frontiers: Institutional Medicine