Volume XXIII 1970

No. 1 January 7

Lead Article: Knowing and Being
Review: Humanist Themes
Commentary: Twenty-Two Years Old
Children. . . and Ourselves: Education for Tomorrow
Frontiers: What Is An Artist?

No. 2 January 14

Lead Article: The Signals and The Noise
Review: Two Current Novels
Commentary: Eddington on Science
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Platonic Position
Frontiers: Social Work In India

No. 3 January 21

Lead Article: The Informed Conscience
Review: The Brothers Karamazov
Commentary: The Soul's Enormous Claim
Children. . . and Ourselves: What Is A Nation?

No. 4 January 28

Lead Article: The American Dream
Review: Olympian of the Woods
Commentary: Need of a Clear Sky
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Quick and the Dead Ideas
Frontiers: Where Is the Treasure?

No. 5 February 4

Lead Article: Blake's Panacea
Review: The Bauhaus: Full Retrospect
Commentary: A "Reading" Difficulty
Children. . . and Ourselves: Life Geometrizes
Frontiers: Reducer Of Rights

No. 6 February 11

Lead Article: Some Laws of Nature
Review: Renewing the American Dream?
Commentary: Spencer's Position
Children. . . and Ourselves: Learning from Children
Frontiers: A Continuing Struggle

No. 7 February 18

Lead Article: The Long Wait
Review: Erikson on Gandhi
Commentary: Gandhi's Magic
Children. . . and Ourselves: It's Hard to be a Teacher
Frontiers: Legitimate Link with the Establishment

No. 8 February 25

Lead Article: Ill Without Prescription
Review: Volunteer Philosophers
Commentary: An Evolution of Language?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Various Books
Frontiers: The Steady Light

No. 9 March 4

Lead Article: The Obligations of Schools
Review: How Great Works Are Wrought
Commentary: A Neglected Principle
Children. . . and Ourselves: Visual Treasure
Frontiers: Emerson's Vast Unofficialdom

No. 10 March 11

Lead Article: The Land and the Law
Review: The Source of Moral Ideas
Commentary: Faint Praise for Civilization
Children. . . and Ourselves: Problems Without Solutions
Frontiers: "Knowledge Is Missing"

No. 11 March 18

Lead Article: The "Why" for Existence
Review: Problems of Trust
Commentary: The Insistent Question
Children. . . and Ourselves: More Problems Without
Frontiers: The Law of Schism

No. 12 March 25

Lead Article: Teaching and Healing
Review: The Pueblo People
Commentary: The "Raw Materials" Cosmology
Children. . . and Ourselves: Books and Other Things
Frontiers: On Danilo Dolci

No. 13 April 1

Lead Article: The Nature of Human Nature – Part I:
Sympathetic Interaction
Letter from Eastern Europe
Review: A Study of Existentialism
Commentary: The Powers of Mind
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Need for Trust
Frontiers: "The Long Road"

No. 14 April 8

Lead Article: The Nature of Human Nature – Part II:
Symbolic Interaction
Letter from Jordan
Review: The False Bounty of War
Commentary: The Intent of Religion
Children. . . and Ourselves: Is It "Education"?
Frontiers: She Was Not "All Wrong"

No. 15 April 15

Lead Article: Archetypes of Search
Review: Women In Rebirth
Commentary: The Genesis of Taste
Children. . . and Ourselves: Scattered Reflections
Frontiers: The Nature Of Human Nature--Part III: The
Need To Judge

No. 16 April 22

Lead Article: Health and Growth
Review: The Great Restoration
Commentary: Ortega on Human Possibility
Children. . . and Ourselves: Basic and Necessary
Frontiers: Toward A Natural Life

No. 17 April 29

Lead Article: The Sources of Vision
Review: The Practice of Cooperation
Commentary: Remarkable Achievement
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Ideal University
Frontiers: Beyond Technique

No. 18 May 6

Lead Article: The Denaturization of Human Nature
Review: Leaps and Lethargies
Commentary: Keeping the Record Straight
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Educational Contract
Frontiers: Permissible Self-Criticism

No. 19 May 13

Lead Article: What Is A Good Book?
Review: Ends and Means
Commentary: Theory of the Forms
Children. . . and Ourselves: Affective Learning
Frontiers: Are Giants Necessary?

No. 20 May 20

Lead Article: Gandhi's Truth
Review: African Tale
Commentary: Gandhi's "Nonviolence"
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Behaviorist Model
Frontiers: Leavening Social Science

No. 21 May 27

Lead Article: What Is The Stuff of History?
Review: War Resisters In Prison
Commentary: Piety and Aberration
Children. . . and Ourselves: Interaction With Life
Frontiers: On Some Ancient "Ecologists"

No. 22 June 3

Lead Article: Man and the Modern Age
Review: Relevance for Fantasy
Commentary: Conservation Measure
Children. . . and Ourselves: Curriculum Reform
Frontiers: Time for "White" Studies?

No. 23 June 10

Lead Article: Making the Future
Review: Pathways to Self-Knowledge
Commentary: Philosophy and Science
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Educational Praxis
Frontiers: Academic Freedom and Revolution

No. 24 June 17

Lead Article: The Question of Identity
Review: Blake's Genius
Commentary: Blake's Humanism
Children. . . and Ourselves: Facing Facts
Frontiers: Note on Contemporary Criticism

No. 25-34 June 24

Lead Article: The Precious Uncertainties
Review: A Never-Ending Struggle
Commentary: The Rule of Social Progress
Children. . . and Ourselves: Notes on the Universities
Frontiers: What "Age" Is This?

No. 35 September 2

Lead Article: The Illusions of Power
Review: Recent Myth-Makers
Commentary: A Comment on "Criticism"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Games for Children And
Frontiers: Some Quotations on "Art And Politics"

No. 36 September 9

Lead Article: Toward a Global Canon
Review: Notes on Novels
Commentary: The Sources of Freedom
Children. . . and Ourselves: Books for Teachers
Frontiers: New Ways of Thinking

No. 37 September 16

Lead Article: The Deficiency of the Present
Review: Gandhi's Means
Commentary: Unprogress Report
Children. . . and Ourselves: On Crowding
Frontiers: Important to Millions

No. 38 September 23

Lead Article: The Shadow of the Virtues
Review: On Community Planning
Commentary: What Measures "Progress"?
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Teaching Community
Frontiers: Desegregation: "Progress Report"

No. 39 September 30

Lead Article: The Initiative in Growth
Review: "Risk`' Science Versus "Safe" Science
Commentary: More from Vinoba
Children. . . and Ourselves: Protest and Education
Frontiers: Changes in the Air

No. 40 October 7

Lead Article: The Meaning of Knowing
Review: "An Educational Bombshel"
Commentary: Fuller's Dream
Children. . . and Ourselves: Life on a Desert Forty
Frontiers: An "Ancestor" of Humanistic Psychology

No. 41 October 14

Lead Article: Vision and Reform
Review: The "Primitive" Faith
Commentary: Our "Outstanding Characteristic"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Some Last Words
Frontiers: The Real Villain

No. 42 October 21

Lead Article: The Decline of the "Official"
Review: Strutters And Fretters
Commentary: "Half A Show"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Discipline and Delight
Frontiers: The Long-Range Question

No. 43 October 28

Lead Article: True Sense of the World
Review: "A Complete Reversal"
Commentary: In Praise of Wolves
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Store of Common Sense
Frontiers: Comment on the "Watchdog Theory"

No. 44 November 4

Lead Article: Vision and Vulgarization
Review: Problems of Social Order
Commentary: On Papermaking
Children. . . and Ourselves: Children's Thinking
Frontiers: A Science of Human Well-Being

No. 45 November 11

Lead Article: Some Successful Prophets
Review: On "Race" – And Much More
Commentary: "A New Man"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Household Economics
Frontiers: The Integrity of Student "Confusion"

No. 46 November 18

Lead Article: The Accessible Remedies
Review: An "Old" Book
Commentary: The Matter Has Some Mystery
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Trouble with Schools
Frontiers: The Blight and the Vision

No. 47 November 25

Lead Article: Notes on the Future
Review: The Compassionate Virtues
Commentary: Mumford on "The Future"
Children. . . and Ourselves: Ways of Learning
Frontiers: For Cultural Revolution

No. 48 December 2

Lead Article: Twilight of the Gods
Letter from Japan
Review: Failure of A Dream
Commentary: How To Be A Machine
Children. . . and Ourselves: An English View
Frontiers: In the News

No. 49 December 9

Lead Article: A Question of Goals
Review: The Decline of Language
Commentary: Thoreau – Then and Now
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Art Revolution
Frontiers: Television As A "Cultural Force`'

No. 50 December 16

Lead Article: Plateau of Understanding
Review: "I Can Tell You Where It Was"
Commentary: The Meanings of Words
Children. . . and Ourselves: One Room Schoolhouses
Frontiers: Wars Will Cease . . .

No. 51 December 23

Lead Article: The Age of Preoccupations
Review: Dynamics of Change
Commentary: "Humanly Significant Authorities"
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Infant Schools
Frontiers: Authority and Legitimacy

No. 52 December 30

Lead Article: The Roots of Social Order
Review: A Maslow Primer
Commentary: Simple Cleanliness
Children. . . and Ourselves: Elementary Readers
Frontiers: A Long, Long Road