Volume XXXVIII 1985

No. 1 January 2

Lead Article: Instructing The Heart
Review: German Renascence
Commentary: The Long Uphill Road
Children. . . and Ourselves: News From Egypt And Hawaii
Frontiers: Some Good Machines

No. 2 January 9

Lead Article: Something That Might Work
Review: Intellect And Nous
Commentary: Prerequisite For Thinking
Children. . . and Ourselves
Passages Of Transition
Frontiers: Progressive Undoings

No. 3 January 16

Lead Article: Puzzling And Important Questions
Review: They Have The Time
Commentary: How Is It Possible?
Children. . . and Ourselves: Back To The Greeks
Frontiers: News Of The Middle East

No. 4 January 23

Lead Article: Is There Moral Law?
Review: On Avoidable Ills
Commentary: A Contrast
Children. . . and Ourselves: Children And Community
Frontiers: Some "Stirrings" In America

No. 5 January 30

Lead Article: The Essence Of Man
Review: A Personal Approach
Commentary: What Does Our Society Need Most?
Children. . . and Ourselves: School And State
Frontiers: What To Do About Unemployment

No. 6 February 6

Lead Article: Economist Of Transcendence
Review: Changes In Language
Commentary: A Rare Combination
Children. . . and Ourselves: What Is Moral Education?
Frontiers: Sanitation, Water, Diet

No. 7 February 13

Lead Article: A Formidable Assignment
Review: Appearance And Reality
Commentary: Unsettling Question
Children. . . and Ourselves: Plato, Dante, And Bernard
Frontiers: Good Things Happening

No. 8 February 20

Lead Article: From Profession To Passion
Review: A Desirable Synthesis
Commentary: Maslow's Achievement
Children. . . and Ourselves: Ways To Change
Frontiers: From Vermont To Maine

No. 9 February 27

Lead Article: Required Reading
Review: Orwellian Echoes
Commentary: A Familiar Rule
Children. . . and Ourselves: Critical Notes On Teaching
Frontiers: Questions About Juvenile Delinquency

No. 10 March 6

Lead Article: The Age Of Experts
Review: The Meaning Of Scientific Inquiry
Commentary: Reflections Of An Amateur
Children. . . and Ourselves: Ways Of Saying
Frontiers: A Peace Wave?

No. 11 March 13

Lead Article: Reviving Questions
Review: On Creating A Non-Poisonous World
Commentary: The Wisdom Of The Wise
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Community Of Parents
Frontiers: A New Homestead Program

No. 12 March 20

Lead Article: Our Problem Is One Of Attitude
Review: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Commentary: A Dangerous Doctrine
Children. . . and Ourselves: Musings On Poetry
Frontiers: Zeno As Guide

No. 13 March 27

Lead Article: Where Responsibility Lies
Review: Predation Or Symbiosis?
Commentary: What Is And What Might Be
Children. . . and Ourselves: Can There Be Paideia In
Frontiers: Less Soil, Higher Costs, Less Food

No. 14 April 3

Lead Article: Better Solutions Than Ours
Review: Plan For Community
Commentary: The Right To Decide
Children. . . and Ourselves: Child Life In Yellow Springs
Frontiers: An Epic Life

No. 15 April 10

Lead Article: The Next Step
Review: Theater, Television, Movies
Commentary: The Best Bargain
Children. . . and Ourselves: Recollection And Stories
Frontiers: From Tradition To Principle

No. 16 April 17

Lead Article: The Reformers
Review: The Project Of Peace
Commentary: Rigorous Requirement
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Book, A Pamphlet
Frontiers: The Public Interest

No. 17 April 24

Lead Article: Myths, Novels, "Facts"
Review: The Poet's Pardon
Commentary: Facts And Meanings
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Blight Of Specialists
Frontiers: The Price Of Institutions

No. 18 May 1

Lead Article: The Neglected Question
Review: Inner Discovery?
Commentary: What Is Really Wrong
Children. . . and Ourselves: Working With The Young
Frontiers: The Long Road Home

No. 19 May 8

Lead Article: Instruction On The Way
Review: An Uneven Report
Commentary: Musing On Education
Children. . . and Ourselves: An English High School
Frontiers: The Future Of Electric Power

No. 20 May 15

Lead Article: Non-Darwinian Evolution
Review: A Continuous Delight
Commentary: A Distant Remedy
Children. . . and Ourselves: Religious Studies
Frontiers: Two Life Stories

No. 21 May 22

Lead Article: From Science To Personal Knowledge
Review: Epic and/or Idyll
Commentary: Solution By Disaster
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Defense Of Edward Abbey
Frontiers: In The Mail

No. 22 May 29

Lead Article: What Is Morality?
Review: Modeling, Drawing, Painting
Commentary: The Cause Of Sectarianism
Children. . . and Ourselves: Education Overseas
Frontiers: Agriculture In India

No. 23 June 5

Lead Article: Teacher At Work
Review: A Reviving Healing Art
Commentary: Wearing Away At Institutions
Children. . . and Ourselves: On Homeschooling
Frontiers: Ominous Predictions About Energy

No. 24 June 12

Lead Article: Ways Of Thinking About Change
Review: What John Muir Has To Teach
Commentary: A Powerful Attraction
Children. . . and Ourselves: An Unsolved Problem
Frontiers: Science For Villages

No. 25 June 19

Lead Article: The Conception Of Man
Review: A Needed "Shift Of Attention"
Commentary: Nonexistent Programs
Children. . . and Ourselves: Working With Clay
Frontiers: Hazardous Products

No. 26 June 26

Lead Article: Arts Of Words
Review: Surviving Communities
Commentary: The Story Of Our Lives
Children. . . and Ourselves: History And Ecology
Frontiers: Here. . . And There

No. 27-36 September 4

Lead Article: The Matter Of Reading
Review: Scientists On Science
Commentary: The Nuclear Subsidy
Children. . . and Ourselves: Children . . . And Politics
Frontiers: Farming In Canada

No. 37 September 11

Lead Article: The Decent Elite
Review: The Case Against Dams
Commentary: A Reader Writes
Children. . . and Ourselves: Critics . . . Admirers
Frontiers: Reflections On Abraham Maslow

No. 38 September 18

Lead Article: Words And Myth
Review: Boys In Iowa
Commentary: A Diagnosis
Children. . . and Ourselves: Learning Science
Frontiers: A Good Man

No. 39 September 25

Lead Article: Institutions – Plus And Minus
Review: Abdul Ghaffar Khan
Commentary: No Other Way
Children. . . and Ourselves: The Magic Of "We"
Frontiers: Some Innovators

No. 40 October 2

Lead Article: The Research Has Been Done
Review: A New-Old Kind Of Farming
Commentary: As Natural As Counting
Children. . . and Ourselves: The One-Room Schoolhouse
Frontiers: A Mysterious "Chemical Change"

No. 41 October 9

Lead Article: A Nurturing Activity
Review: The Language Of The Spirit
Commentary: Known By Its Fruits
Children. . . and Ourselves: From Passion To Profession
Frontiers: On Illiteracy – Two Kinds

No. 42 October 16

Lead Article: How We Think
Review: "In The Name Of Progress"
Commentary: A Thing Of Beauty
Children. . . and Ourselves: A Start In Life
Frontiers: Some Who Say "No!"

No. 43 October 23

Lead Article: A Cumulative Force
Review: Dostoevsky In Siberia
Commentary: John Holt – Educational Reformer
Children. . . and Ourselves: Until The Crack Of Doom
Frontiers: The Rectification Of Names

No. 44 October 30

Lead Article: Gandhi – From West To East
Review: Example, Not Policy
Commentary: Musings About Ethics
Children. . . and Ourselves: Finally, A High Note

No. 45 November 6

Lead Article: Those Who End War
Review: Poetry And Prose
Commentary: The Direction Of History
Children. . . and Ourselves: Outlawing Imagination
Frontiers: A Not-Quite-Lost Art

No. 46 November 13

Lead Article: How Peace Was Discovered
Review: The Tall Banana Trees
Commentary: For Students Of Sustainable Agriculture
Children. . . and Ourselves: "Thinking Is Not A Performing
Frontiers: Anxiety About The Schools

No. 47 November 20

Lead Article: The Story Of Mankind
Review: "Peace Is Possible"
Commentary: Obligations And A Need
Children. . . and Ourselves: Educated To Be Different
Frontiers: Cycles Of Change

No. 48 November 27

Lead Article: Limitation Is Liberation
Review: Poetry And Truth
Commentary: Fruit Trees For Africa
Children. . . and Ourselves: Peace Won Out
Frontiers: The Connecticut River

No. 49 December 4

Lead Article: The Modern Superstition
Review: Read The Book
Commentary: Apology And Correction
Children. . . and Ourselves: News About India
Frontiers: Humans Are Complicated – And Free Agents

No. 50 December 11

Lead Article: Human Complexity
Review: African Disaster
Commentary: We Make Ourselves
Children. . . and Ourselves: For Highschoolers
Frontiers: Who Will Be In Charge?

No. 51 December 18

Lead Article: The American Garden
Review: Physicians . . . And Food
Commentary: A Difficult But Necessary Project
Children. . . and Ourselves: Who Should Control
Frontiers: Two Farmers On Agriculture

No. 52 December 25

Lead Article: A Contradiction In Terms
Review: Tibet – Then And Now
Commentary: The Human Enterprise
Children. . . and Ourselves: Gandhi On Education
Frontiers: Humanistic Science